MHP3-Great Desert Map

Great Desert Map (MHP3)


Great Desert Map (MH3)

MH4U-Great Desert Map

Great Desert Map (MH4U)

The Great Desert is a vast desert with sand as far as the eye can see. It is home to the great Elder Dragon, Jhen Mohran and its subspecies, Hallowed Jhen Mohran. Dah'ren Mohran is also fought here. Delex and Remobra are the only small monsters that appear here.


  • In the first area, birds can be seen flying around in the sky.
  • In Monster Hunter 4, there are no ledges to use for jumping except for the area on the Dragonship that has the Dragonator, and off the ship.
  • The area behind the Dragonship in area 2 is different between 3rd and 4th Gen, in 3rd generation, the city in the distance is Loc Lac City. In 4th generation, it is Val Habar.