Great Izuchi is a Bird Wyvern first introduced in Monster Hunter Rise.

A Bird Wyvern whose tail has evolved into a scythe-like shape, which it uses to attack its prey. Great Izuchi tend to roam around their territory in groups with smaller Izuchi, the sharpest two of the pack always at their leader's side. Once they find their prey, they unleash a flurry of combination attacks.


Great Izuchi is covered in short orange fur throughout the body with some patches of white fur on the head, base of the neck, back, and tail. Under the fur is cream-colored scales that become dark indigo toward the arms and legs. It has a long and slender snout, with cobra-like fangs on the top and bottom jaw, and orange eyes with very narrow pupils. Its underbelly is clad in large gray plating with smaller plating lining the back. The arms have three digits with the middle finger elongated, becoming hook-like. The most distinctive feature is its tail, which ends in a bony, scythe-like blade that it uses primarily for attacking. The scythe is very sharp, capable of slicing through several bamboo stalks in a single strike.


A species of Bird Wyvern that travels in a pack of three. The Great Izuchi is very intelligent even for Bird Wyvern standards and is very cooperative, as it can command its two companions, which are the sharpest individuals in the pack, to perform many combination attacks alongside it using their scythe-like tails in combination, simultaneously or consecutively. It is also very agile, capable of backflipping or swinging its whole body several times. It is capable of vomiting what seems to be chunks of meat at its adversaries, an ability shared by the smaller Izuchi as well.


  • Based off of the Kamaitachi yokai from Japanese folklore.
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