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In-Game Information

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"Leader of the pack-hunting Maccao, the Great Maccao is easily spotted by its large size and feather-like yellow crest. It can balance on its tail and spring forward for a deadly strike, but when weakened, its lesser Maccao cousins are quick to turn tail and run."


  • Order: Saurischia
  • Suborder: Bird Feet
  • Infraorder: Runner Wyvern
  • Superfamily: Dog Wyvern
  • Family: Maccao

Great Maccao are the male Bird Wyvern leaders of the Maccao.

Habitat Range

Great Maccao have been observed inhabiting the Jurassic FrontierAncestral Steppe and Ruined Ridge .

Ecological Niche

Great Maccao are scavengers that feed on corpses and eggs belonging to larger predators. Though primarily scavengers, Great Maccao will also feed on smaller monster species. These scavengers are forced compete with larger carnivorous monsters like Glavenus, Tigrex, and Rathian.

Biological Adaptions

Only male Maccaos or Great Maccaos have feathers on their head. A Great Maccao's tail is similar a kangaroo's tail. Its tail allows it to propel itself forward and jump with tremendous force. The Great Maccao has the ability to stand on its tail without any support from its legs, allowing it to balance itself on its tail with its legs in the air. While standing on its tail, its bright, red underbelly is revealed. The red underbelly acts as a warning sign, and is used to intimidate predators. Because its tail is such an important tool, breaking it will severely handicap the Great Maccao, preventing it from using its tail for attacking and movement. Even if the tail is broken, Great Maccao can still use its unusually shaped hands to ward off foes. These hands are shaped in such a way that doesn't allow them to grab prey, but rather are designed to hold eggs and punch foes.


Great Maccao are shy monsters that prefer to stay away from most threats. Despite Great Maccao being the leader of its Maccao pack, it barely has any control over its lesser counterparts, unlike other Bird Wyverns such as the Great Jaggi. A Great Maccao's pack will rarely assist it in if it is in danger. Great Maccao would rather run than fight, much like its smaller counterparts.

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