The Great Ravine is an area first introduced in Monster Hunter: World. The location will be the hunter's second encounter with the Zorah Magdaros. The ravine is larger than most normal ravines, thus the name.


The Great Ravine has only three temporarily accessible locations, all of which will be unaccessible after completing the Assigned Quest for the location.

Capture Area

The capture area will be where the hunter first battles the Zorah Magdaros on a platform by the ravine's wall. The hunter will be forced to use cannons and ballistae. After usage of the artillery, the hunter is required to reload to use it again. NPCs and the hunter's Palico will aid in reloading cannons while ballista are required to do by self. Barnos will fly around and attack the hunter as it happens.

Magdaros Area

The hunter will get on Zorah Magdaros' head and back to further weaken it for capture. The area will be filled with magma and magmacores which erupt when hit. Mining outcrops can be found throughout the body to obtain rare materials.

Ravine Area

This area will be visited when returning to the ravine after completing the assigned quest. There will be no monsters and NPCs will be standing around. The hunter has to travel from one end of the ravine to the other for clues on the Zorah Magdaros, leading the way to the Coral Highlands.