Green Nargacuga are Flying Wyverns and Subspecies of Nargacuga introduced Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.


This subspecies is covered in mossy green fur. Its long, prehensile tail ends in a bright red spike, and its eyes are a bright yellow.


Although the Green Nargacuga is very fast and agile like the common Nargacuga, it is capable of more advanced movements and attacks. While it has many of the same abilities as the common Nargacuga, its true ferocity becomes apparent when it's enraged. It can perform a tail slam, then jump and smash again in an attempt to hit the hunter. Like the regular smash, it leaves it vulnerable while it tries to pry its tail free. Its tail slam is guaranteed to stun a hunter if it connects, making it particularly dangerous.


Green Nargacuga are highly aggressive and bloodthirsty, and it will achieve whatever ends to get its prey.


It resides in the Misty Peaks, the Deserted Island, and the Flooded Forest.

Element/Status Effectiveness

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd
MHP3-Green Nargacuga Icon.png まだら色の体毛を持つナルガクルガの亜種。別名“緑迅竜”。水没林や孤島など緑の多い土地に生息し、その体色は、緑濃い密林に容易に溶け込む。身ごなしが俊敏で、尻尾の扱いにも長けている。飛ばしてくる尻尾の棘は当たると非常に危険との噂もある。
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
MH3U-Green Nargacuga Icon.png A Nargacuga subspecies with mottled fur that allows it to blend into the foliage of verdant areas like the Flooded Forest and the Deserted Island. It is quite skilled in the use of its tail, the spikes of which are said to be extremely deadly.
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★★★
Monster Hunter Stories
MHST-Green Nargacuga Icon.png Dappled green fur serves as camouflage in the deep forests that this Nargacuga calls home.


General Notes

  • When enraged, its eyes leave a yellow-orange trail instead of red.
  • Breaking the head of the Green Nargacuga will leave its right eye cut out, instead of its left eye being cut.
  • It preys on Kelbi, Gargwa, or Aptonoth to recover Stamina.
  • Whenever enraged, Green Nargacuga will hop twice instead of once before roaring.
  • Unlike normal Nargacuga, the Green Nargacuga's readying time for pouncing attacks is drastically reduced.
  • Green Nargacuga's roar requires Earplugs to block.
  • Occasionally, Jaggi, Wroggi, and their larger counterparts will attack the Green Nargacuga. It may also attack them.
  • Green Nargacuga's tail can be cut even if the monster isn't enraged, similar to the change to the regular Nargacuga in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.
  • The Green Nargacuga is unique in that its tail spikes are capable of causing KO and doesn't cause the hunter to be sent flying.
  • After the second tail slam, the Green Nargacuga takes a longer time to pull its tail off as compared to a single tail slam, leaving itself more vulnerable for attack.

Monster Hunter Explore

  • Even with the game saying that Green Nargacuga has the earth element, it doesn't seems to use any elemental attack.

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