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High Rank Guild

Body Carves (x3)
Item Name Translated %
緑迅竜の上鱗 Green Nargacuga Scale 45%
緑迅竜の上斑毛 Green Nargacuga Pelt 28%
緑迅竜の鋭牙 Green Nargacuga Fang 15%
緑迅竜の鋭刃翼 Green Narga Cutting Wing 10%
迅竜の延髄 Narga Brainstem 2%
Tail Carves (x1)
Item Name Translated %
迅竜の尻尾 Nargacuga Tail 52%
緑迅竜の上斑毛 Green Nargacuga Pelt 20%
迅竜の尾棘 Nargacuga Tail Spike 10%
迅竜の骨髄 Nargacuga Marrow 10%
迅竜の延髄 Narga Brainstem 8%

Break Head
Item Name Translated %
緑迅竜の鋭牙*2 Green Nargacuga Fang x2 66%
緑迅竜の上鱗*2 Green Nargacuga Scale x2 26%
迅竜の延髄 Narga Brainstem 8%
Break Wings
Item Name Translated %
緑迅竜の鋭刃翼*2 Green Narga Cutting Wing x2 60%
緑迅竜の鋭刃翼 Green Narga Cutting Wing 25%
緑迅竜の上斑毛*2 Green Nargacuga Pelt x2 15%

Break Tail
Item Name Translated %
迅竜の尾棘 Nargacuga Tail Spike 60%
緑迅竜の上斑毛 Green Nargacuga Pelt 22%
迅竜の骨髄 Nargacuga Marrow 10%
迅竜の延髄 Narga Brainstem 8%
Shiny Drop
Item Name Translated %
竜のナミダ Wyvern Tears 38%
竜の大粒ナミダ Wyvern Sobs 37%
緑迅竜の上鱗 Green Nargacuga Scale 25%

Capture Rewards
Item Name Translated %
緑迅竜の上斑毛 Green Nargacuga Pelt 45%
緑迅竜の鋭牙 Green Nargacuga Fang 21%
緑迅竜の上鱗 Green Nargacuga Scale 18%
迅竜の尻尾 Nargacuga Tail 12%
迅竜の延髄 Narga Brainstem 4%

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Item List

Unique items obtainable from a Green Nargacuga in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Items in bold can also be obtained from Nargacuga.

Icon Item Name Rarity Value Description
MH4G-Scale Icon Green
G.Narga Shard
8 5880z A verdant Green Nargacuga scale. Its color shifts in response to light, fading into the scenery.
MH4G-Hide Icon Green
G.Narga Dapples
8 7560z Thick, dappled fur from a Green Nargacuga's scales. The random colors act as camouflage.
MH4G-Monster Parts Icon Grey
Nargacuga Lash
8 8630z A top-flight Nargacuga tail. An ideal crafting material due to its flexibility and strength.
MH4G-Monster Parts Icon Green
G.Narga Razor+
8 8930z A sharp, wide bladewing from a Green Nargacuga. Don't touch it unless you want to lose a hand!
MH4G-Claw Icon Green
Hvy G.Narga Fang
8 5460z A sharp Green Nargacuga fang. More a tooth than a blade, so handle with caution.
MH4G-Monster Parts Icon Green
G.Narga Tailspear
8 5400z A spike from a Green Nargacuga's tail. So sharp, its victims don't even notice their mortal wounds.
MH4G-Monster Parts Icon Red
Narga Medulla
7 6000z A Nargacuga's medulla. Merely touching it causes extreme pain, making crafting quite difficult.
MH4G-Mantle Icon Grey
Nargacuga Mantle
9 - A legendary Nargacuga scale. Those who craft it are said to rule the earth and seize the sky.

Carve Rates


Body Carves (x3)
Item Name
G. Nargacuga Shard 41%
G. Narga Dapples 28%
Hvy G. Narga Fang 14%
G. Narga Razor + 10%
Narga Medulla 4%
Nargacuga Mantle 3%
Tail Carves (x1)
Nargacuga Lash 82%
G. Narga Tailspear 10%
Narga Medulla 8%
Capture Rewards
Item Name
G. Narga Dapples 35%
G. Nargacuga Shard 25%
Hvy G. Narga Fang 24%
Nargacuga Lash 13%
Nargacuga Mantle 3%
Wound Rewards
Destroy Item Name
Head Hvy G. Narga Fang x2 66%
G. Nargacuga Shard x2 24%
Narga Medulla 7%
Nargacuga Mantle 3%
Wings G. Narga Razor + x2 64%
G. Narga Razor + 24%
G. Narga Dapples 12%
Tail G. Nargacuga Tailspear x2 65%
G. Narga Dapples 17%
Nargacuga Lash 10%
Narga Medulla 8%
Shiny Drops
Item Name
Lrg Wyvern Tear 50%
Wyvern Tear 25%
G. Nargacuga Shard 23%
Nargacuga Mantle 2%


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