Guanzorumu are Elder Dragons introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier G10.


Guanzoroumu have a very regal appearance. Deep green bodies with light grey underbellies, a large set of gold horns resembling a crown, with several spines running along their necks and tails of a similar color, several wing claws running along their massive wings with brown membranes that end in a beige flame pattern that connects to the body halfway through the tail. When enraged in Phase 1 a golden flame aura will envelop the beige part of the membranes, the vents between the scales on parts of the body will glow the same color, and the eyes will turn red.

In Phase 2 the body spines, horns and the claws will gain a black and gold coloration, the membranes will now be black with red flame patterns, the underbelly will have a large dark grey streak running down the middle, and vents around the body will turn red. His eyes will turn red and will leave small trails behind (similar to Nargacuga). Guanzorumu becoming enraged in Phase 2 gains the same physical changes as Phase 1.


Guanzorumu are very powerful Elder Dragons capable of breathing out massive streams or huge orbs of flame, creating large quakes with a slam of their claws, unleashing powerful gusts of wind via a slam of their wings, and even commanding an entire army of Egyurasu to assist them during fights thanks to exceptionally loud roars. Push them too far and they will even enveil the Dragon Element and even stronger quakes, roars, and gusts of wind.


Guanzorumu are ruthless, they are dangerous, they are brutal. Very few escape their territorial wrath alive. The only creatures they seem to allow near them are Egyurasu who they share a "master and servants" relationship with commanding them to take on foes that approach, and even eating them if need be.


Guanzorumu can be found nesting in areas such as the Cloud Viewing Fortress.

Other Non-Subspecies Forms

Ruler Guanzorumu

FrontierGen-Ruler Guanzorumu Screenshot 001.jpg

Ruler Guanzorumu (Japanese: 極み統べるグァンゾルム) is an Extreme Individual Guanzorumu first appearing in Monster Hunter Frontier G10.

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier G
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Music Themes

MHFG10_帝征龍_グァンゾルム_第1段階のBGM MHF-G: Guanzorumu Theme (Phase 1)
MHFG10_帝征龍_グァンゾルム_第2段階のBGM MHF-G: Guanzorumu Theme (Phase 2)


General Notes

  • Guanzorumu can be hunted at HR5 and G Rank.
    • Hunters are not allowed to try to defeat Guanzorumu at HR5, only force Guanzorumu to flee.
  • Guanzorumu's head, wings, front and back legs can be wounded and its tail severed.
    • These parts will only break during Guanzorumu's 2nd phase.
  • Guanzorumu will be sleeping when the Hunters arrive, once it wakes it'll summon a pack of Egyurasu before confronting the Hunters.
  • When entering phase 2, Guanzorumu will sacrifice a Egyurasu, causing a large surge of Dragon element.
    • No Egyurasu will appear during phase 2.
  • Guanzorumu will focus on using fire based attacks during phase 1, and dragon based attacks during phase 2.
  • G Rank Guanzorumu starts off with the highest level of roar, wind and quake strengths, and upon entering its 2nd phase will start to use an even higher level of each effect.
    • No current skill can protect a Hunter from these effects. They are impossible to block.

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