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In-Game Description

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Guanzorumu is an ancient Elder Dragon that is viewed as a king.


Guanzorumu has only been seen inhabiting the Cloud Viewing Fortress.

Ecological Niche

It is unknown how Guanzorumu fits into the ecological niche, however, it has been observed killing and even eating its own the servants, the Egyurasu.

Biological Adaptions

Guanzorumu has large wing membranes that spread down to its tail. These giant wings allow Guanzorumu to fly efficiently in the air and even send gust of wind at nearby enemies. The fins on its tail can cut through just about anything in a single slice. Much like Alatreon, Guanzorumu has scales that protect it from most attacks. Under the scales is thermal insulating skin, which absorbs most powerful blows. Despite these adaptions, Guanzorumu has two unique abilities: its high-pitched roars and forms. Unlike most other species of Elder Dragons, Guanzorumu has high-pitched roars used to control the Egyurasu within the fortress to do whatever it wants. These commands mostly consist of the Egyurasu breathing fire, forming large spheres of wind around it, or even dropping hunters down to their death. The roars can even push nearby objects back with their immense force. Guanzorumu's roars are considered to be louder than even Laviente's roars. The commands made can greatly help Guanzorumu in battle. The forms of Guanzorumu are where it truly exceeds with its power. It only has two forms, both of which different from the other. In its first form Guanzorumu uses the Fire Element and works together with the Egyurasu, while in its second form Guanzorumu uses the Dragon Element and only uses its own destructive power to fight with no help. Both forms can be indicated a number of ways but, the easiest way to tell is by looking at the weather or seeing if Guanzorumu's appearance has changed.

In some rare cases, extremely powerful Guanzorumu individuals have been reported with golden scales and fire engulfing certain parts of their body. These individuals have been called Ruling Guanzorumu. Instead of using fire and dragon separately, Ruling Guanzorumu have the ability to breath golden flames that contain both elements combined together. Even their Egyurasu can breath these golden flames. Along with these two traits, Ruling Guanzorumu's Egyurasu continue to support them in battle, even in giant storms.


Guanzorumu is an aggressive, destructive Elder Dragon. Many hunters have went to hunt it down but, not a single one has ever comeback.

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