The Guiding Lands (Japanese 導きの地) is a mysterious area first introduced in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. This area, a mishmash of features from the Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste, Coral Highlands, and Rotten Vale, is where powerful monsters gather together. Like Moga Woods and the Everwood, it serves as an area to freely hunt randomly-appearing monsters and obtain unique items.


Food Chain






  • The main areas of the Guiding Lands can be leveled up by hunting monsters and gathering from mining outcrops and bonepiles. This increases the quality of the monsters and items that appear.
  • Gathering special tracks, hunting monsters, and breaking parts eventually unlocks the ability to spawn a specific monster once the analysis progress gauge is filled.
  • Large monsters in the Guiding Lands drop unique versions of their normal items that can be used to augment weapons.
  • Items used to craft the Master Rank Zorah Magdaros set can be found in the Guiding Lands.
    • A Zorah Magdaros skull can also be found in the Rotten reigion of the Guiding Lands.
  • Just like the area itself, the theme for the Guiding Lands features parts of the Ancient Forest's, Wildspire Waste's, Coral Highland's, and Rotten Vale's themes.


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