The Guild Receptionists or Guild Girls (Japanese ギルドガールズ) are employees of the Hunter's Guild that give out quests to hunters.

What Does A Guild Receptionist Do?

Since monster hunting is a popular job among the world and the geography of the world being mostly unknown, along with its history, a special few individuals have the job of collecting information. This information is not only about an area but the monsters that inhabit it. It is the Guild Receptionist's job to give hunters quests and to inform them about any monsters within their rank.

Who Can Be A Guild Receptionist?

The job mainly allows females to be Guild Receptionists, however, some males can be qualified as one too.

The Uniforms For Each Guild Receptionist

The uniforms are different for each district for Guild Receptionists. Some uniforms are perfect for going to many different environments, others just make it easier for to move from place to place while on the job. The uniforms include the Maiden's Uniform, Scholar Uniform, Lecturer's Uniform, Sailor Uniform, and many more regional variants.

Guild Receptionist Merchandise

Due to the popularity of some Guild Receptionists, merchandise is made for the public of those receptionists. A lot of these goods are popular among hunters, such as equipment like the Ms. M.H. Puppet and Lecturer's Armor.

Known Guild Receptionists

1st Generation

2nd Generation

3rd Generation

4th Generation

5th Generation

Frontier Generation

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