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Gurenzeburu is a Flying Wyvern first introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Season 9.0.

FrontierGen-Gurenzeburu Render 002


Gurenzeburu is a primarily blue and cream colored monster. Though it sports a navy blue for most of its shells, it has a lighter baby blue coloration on its horn, the end of its tail, the ridge of its back, and the back tips of its wings. It also has some red on it, such as the lines on its sides, its claws, spines on its tail, its wingtalons, and some spikes and lines on its head. Gurenzeburu has a generally spiky design, with claws and spines all over its wings and tail.


Its large spiked horn is a deadly weapon; however, it can also attack with a water beam, water balls, hip check, a turning bite, a slam attack, and a charge. Gurenzeburu can also produce a paralyzing gas in the same manner as a Gravios' gas attacks.


The Highland, in which Gurenzeburu lives, is known for its rapidly changing weather; the lightning storms can even damage Gurenzeburu, should it be struck directly.

Other Non-Subspecies Forms

Hardcore (HC) Gurenzeburu

FrontierGen-HC Gurenzeburu Render 001

Hardcore Gurenzeburu appears to be older and more mature; its horn has become longer and sturdier, its spikes have grown longer, and its overall body color appears darker. It can be first hunted after reaching HR5, unlocking all HC Gurenzeburu from HR2-5.

HC Gurenzeburu has new attacks. The first one involves it smashing its horn into the ground, causing large AoE damage. The second new attack is a charge, which inflicts KO status and knocks Hunters over.

At HR5, HC Gurenzeburu can charge up its body, enhancing its attacks with water damage and increasing its attack speed.

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
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None Logo-MHFOS9.0 (2010) Logo-MHF-Z (2016)

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier G
FrontierGen-Gurenzeburu Icon 高地とともに新たに発見された飛竜種「グレンゼブル」。 ハンターズギルドの調査報告で、非常に荒々しい性質が確認されていることから「蛮竜」の二つ名も与えられている
Monster Hunter Online
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  • Gurenzeburu's head, back, wingtips, chest and tail can be broken and tail can be severed.
    • Gurenzeburu's tail can only be severed when near death and the amount of damage needed to cut.
  • Gurenzeburu's roar requires HG Earplugs to block.

  • Gurenzeburu only makes paralysis gas after itself has been paralyzed.
  • Low Rank Gurenzeburu is unable to go into Rage Mode.
  • Low Rank Gurenzeburu has a reputation for having the attack strength of a High Rank Monster and same for High Rank Gurenzeburu reputation for hitting like a HR5 monster.
  • HR5 Gurenzeburu can launch tail spikes in a circle and leave them on the ground. If this is done outside during a storm these spikes become land mines, anyone who steps on these spikes will instantly activate the spike making it attract lightning shocking the unfortunate victim with what could be considered one of Gurenzeburu's strongest attacks.
    • These trap spikes have resulted in the death of many hunters leading to instant quest failures.
  • HC Gurenzeburu's roar requires Super HG Earplugs to block.

  • Gurenzeburu's Water attacks inflict Silked.