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In-Game Information

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A Wyvern that can generate disorienting flashes of light when its prominent head crest is struck. Its rubbery hide resists damage and can ward off Shock Traps, while it can spit poisonous material from its mouth. However, they are quite timid creatures.


  • Order: Saurischia
  • Suborder: Bird Feet
  • Infraorder: Bird Wyvern
  • Family: Gypceros

Gypceros is the heaviest of all known Bird Wyverns. It is the closest relative to the extinct Bajirisu, even sharing Bajirisu's same body shape though lacking a hard shell.

Habitat Range

In the Old World Gypceros are found in the SwampsJungleForest and HillsAncestral SteppeSunken HollowPrimal ForestKumbel WetlandsEverwood, Ruined Ridge and Jurassic Frontier. These areas are warm, humid, and have plentiful sources of food such as insects for the Bird Wyverns to eat.

Ecological Niche

Gypceros holds "middle ground" in the food chain. It is omnivorous and mainly feeds on insects and mushrooms. A particular favorite meal for a Gypceros is Flashbugs and Thunderbugs. Gypceros will also feed on stolen objects from hunters and other residents. Recently in the Val Habar region, it was discovered that Gypceros is the natural prey of Nerscylla, which has been observed skinning them after they get trapped in its web and using their hides as a crude form of armor.

Biological Adaptations

It has a crest on its head which the Gypceros can stimulate in order to produce a flash that can blind both prey and predators. It also has adapted to poison enemy's with the use of its internal poisonous sac. Unlike most other creatures, Gypceros has a thick, rubbery hide that renders electrical attacks and impacts ineffective. This peculiar hide may be a natural form of defense against the Khezu, which are also found in humid, swampy regions. Their beaked snouts are also used as a weapon. It has a stocky, almost tubby body, a long tail that can stretch to surprising lengths. Gypceros may have sticky or gecko-like feet as some have been spotted running on walls. Some rare individuals have a more developed poison sac capable of making a short lived puddle of deadly poison bubbling on the ground and a larger tail end.


As stated before, Gypceros are naturally timid wyverns and very curious in nature. However, they are not stupid, as when fighting enemies, they occasionally pretend to be dead in order to fool enemies into approaching. With the foes fooled, they will thrash around and hurt their ursurpers. Gypceros are highly attracted to shiny and sparkly objects. They have been seen to chase after hunters who hold large shining crystals and rocks from them being attracted to shiny objects. This is due to them mistaken the shiny objects for Flashbugs and Thunderbugs, which leads to them sometimes stealing shiny objects.

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