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In-Game Information

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A subspecies of Jhen Mohran whose appearance has been likened to a crystal shimmering in the darkness. It inspires such awe and wonder that news of a sighting draws a stampede of hunters from across the land.


  • Order: Elder Dragon
  • Suborder: Mine Dragon
  • Family: Jhen

Hallowed Jhen Mohran is a Subspecies of Jhen Mohran and a close relative of Dah'ren Mohran.

Habitat Range

Hallowed Jhen Mohran is found only in the Great Desert.

Ecological Niche

These Elder Dragons use their massive mouths to filter in any type of nutrients found within the sands. 

Biological Adaptations

Hallowed Jhen Mohran are a deep violet color compared to Jhen Mohran. This is due to them living deeper underground in the sand, where certain minerals have combined with its body fluids. These minerals are said to make Hallowed Jhen Mohran live longer. Jhen Mohran usually surface for air during the day but Hallowed Jhen Mohran surface for air at night. From the larger lungs of Hallowed Jhen Mohran, they can stay underground for longer periods of time and only need to surface every half a day.


Hallowed Jhen Mohran is a relatively calm creature, but has been known to retaliate against Dragon Ships if attacked as they see them as potential rivals. It takes little notice of hunters climbing on its back, and will only occasionally try to fling them off.

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