Harth is an underground village where magma flows freely in Monster Hunter 4. It is home to a tribe of mole-like people known as Troverians, who make a living mining ore and performing smithy work. They also use the magma in the area to make special equipment, weapons, and armor. The village is ruled by the chief who sported a big curly beard (which is a symbol of authority in their culture). The chief also has a very energetic daughter who helps out with all the ironsmith work, but after meeting the player's caravan troupe, she was so impressed by the group's Wyverian ironsmith that she requested to become his apprentice. After the group saved the village and had their ship built, the chief's daughter asked her father to let her travel with the caravan to learn more about the outside world, as well as further improving her ironsmith technique under the guidance of her new Wyverian master.

Harth village also features a unique 'Equipment Polish Workshop', which can unlock locked equipments the players excavated from within the Everwood area. There's also a shiny drop that regularly spawns near a mining Troverian at the bottom left corner of the village, by the big crane that transports metals and minerals from the lava pit.

Music Themes

Harth 1 【ナグリ村bgm1】 Monster Hunter 4 Soundtrack rip

Harth 1 【ナグリ村bgm1】 Monster Hunter 4 Soundtrack rip

MH4: Harth Theme 1
Harth 2 【ナグリ村bgm2】 Monster Hunter 4 Soundtrack rip

Harth 2 【ナグリ村bgm2】 Monster Hunter 4 Soundtrack rip

MH4: Harth Theme 2



  • Its japanese name, Naguri, ironically can be translated as 'Grigorieva'. "Grigorieva" is originally based on the word "Gregory" (Grigorios), which is Latinized Greek. It can either mean Grigoriev (masculine) and Grigorieva (feminine).
    • Also, in reality, 'Naguri' is a place in Japan that is famous for its woodwork and carpentry. This is quite oppose to the mining industry that is the people's way of living in the village.