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In-Game Information

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Harudomerugu are a newly discovered Elder Dragon species able to freely manipulate liquid metal. The Guild doesn't know much about these Elder Dragons, however, it seems to have a connection to Rukodiora.

Habitat Range

Harudomerugu have been found inhabiting the Snowy Mountains in the Old World. Occasionally, Harudomerugu will invade Mezeporta due to hunters invading their territory.

Ecological Niche

Its unknown what the diet of a Harudomerugu is but from the shape of its teeth, it can be assumed to be a carnivore. Harudomerugu do coexsist with other powerful monsters in the Snowy Mountains. Doragyurosu along with the invasive Deviljho could pose a serious threat due to their control of the deadly Dragon Element.

Biological Adaptations

Harudomerugu have up to four pairs of blade-like wings instead of two pairs like other Elder Dragons. Unlike other Elder Dragons, it has no film on its wings to allow it to fly. Instead it uses a liquid metal known as mercury for its wing membrane, allowing Harudomerugu to fly. This new metal has become a hot topic for many blacksmith. To manipulate this metal, Harudomerugu have special red organs that can be seen on some parts of their body. These organs aggregate to produce the liquid metal. Due to this, Harudomerugu are constantly covered in mercury for defense, giving them their usual silver appearance, and they have free control over their mercury. With free control over this metal, Harudomerugu are able to form all sorts of weapons to fight off threats. Harudomerugu have been seen able to form blades, daggers, disk, and even giant balls of mercury around themselves before rolling at great speeds. This suggest that these beasts have high intelligence. This intelligence is also backed up by the shape of a Harudomerugu's horn. The tail is covered in thorns that can make a hunter bleed if touched with bare hands. Without the metal, Harudomerugu are found to have black scales easier to scar.


Harudomerugu are aggressive Elder Dragons when threatened by outside threats. If threatened by outside threats, Harudomerugu will actually track their foes in order to end its enemies life.

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