The Hell Hunters (Japanese ヘルブラザーズ), the Black Hell Hunter (Japanese 黒鬼は) and Red Hell Hunter (Japanese 赤鬼は), are legendary hunting brothers known throughout the world.


These two brothers are known for their showboating attitudes and carefree way of hunting. The Hell Hunters are mostly known by their signature laughs! The Red Hell Hunter is well-known for laughing Dwohahahaha! (Japanese ドハハハハ!), while the Black Hell Hunter is well-known for laughing Bwahahahaha! (Japanese バハハハハ!).


Though not much is known about their past, the Hell Hunters are well-known across the world by many hunters. Their abilities are far beyond any normal hunter and they are sometimes considered demons while fighting. Once, these brothers took on a Lunastra and a Ashen Lao-Shan Lung at the same time effortlessly. Another time, these two disappeared to hunt an unknown Elder Dragon. From such hunts, many novice hunters hope to get on their level one day, but very few can actually compare to them. The two brothers have even appeared on a few issues of Hunting Life Magazine, including on the cover pages of some. With each hunt, excitement fuels them to take on their next foe! Despite hunting down just about any monster, these two have an arch nemesis. This arch nemesis is the Flying Wyvern, Tigrex! It is said that Tigrex has made them fall from their former glory days. It is unknown why, but as of late it seems like the Hell Hunters are intentionally avoiding some obstacles that come their way. They instead send hunters to do low-level hunts, while they do high-level hunts against powerful monsters like Kushala Daora, Chameleos, and Teostra.


The Black Hell Hunter wears green Hunter's Armor, while the Red Hell Hunter wears red Hunter's Armor.


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