Herbivores (Japanese: 草食種 Sōshokushu) are minor monsters that eat vegetation. While there are herbivorous monsters in other classes, such as Diablos and Duramboros, monsters in the Herbivore class are usually docile, reside at the bottom of the food chain, and therefore pose little threat to a hunter.

First Generation Herbivores

Second Generation Herbivores

Third Generation Herbivores

Fourth Generation Herbivores

Fifth Generation Herbivores

Frontier Generation Herbivores

Monster Hunter Online Herbivores

None / Unconfirmed.

Monster Hunter Stories Herbivores


  • There are currently no new Herbivores in the Monster Hunter Online series.
  • There are no new Herbivores in the Monster Hunter Orage series.
  • Bullfango was previously a Herbivore in the First Generation of Monster Hunter Series before being reclassified as a Fanged Beast in the later generations.

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