His Immenseness (Japanese 大長老) is a giant Wyverian that is both the leader of both Dundorma and the Elder Dragon Observation Team.


His Immenseness can be best described as a wise and adventurous old man. He is known for his almost cold yet blunt personality with a strong sign of leadership.


He is a rarity among the Wyverians due to his giant size. Wyverians of this size only appear every few thousand years, the last ones were Treshi's and Pokke Chief's elders. His Immenseness is estimated to be 600cm, or more, tall. He appeared at Dundorma from the very beginning and greatly helped in this towns development. He helped the town build the Battlequarters, formed the Elder Dragon Observation Team, and established the Guardians to protect the town. His Immenseness now is a major goal for many hunters around the world, though only a handful get to take on his infamous urgent quests like hunting Shen Gaoren, Ukanlos, and Elder Dragons like Crimson Fatalis. If these quests are completed, they're treated with some of the highest honor around. On his spare time, His Immenseness is known for sometimes wrestling with Lao-Shan Lung.


His Immenseness is known for wearing a samurai style armor set with a giant Centenarian Dagger.


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