The Hunter's Guild is the central governing body within the Monster Hunter universe. Its purpose is to regulate all hunting activities and ensure the safety and well-being of the general public. 


The Hunter's Guild headquarters is located in Dondruma Town, but large, Hunter's Guild-certified gathering halls can be found in all major city centers. Smaller Hunter's Guild outposts are set up in less populous and more remote regions, such as Pokke Village or Moga Village, and are handled by one or more Hunter's Guild-employed representatives. 

Services and Responsibilities

The primary goal of the Hunter's Guild is to unify and regulate the hunting activities on which many people make their living. The guild aggregates hunting requests from far and wide, and posts them within their gathering halls and outposts throughout the land for professional hunters to undertake. These postings or "quests" can have many purposes, including defense of citizens or towns and research into monster anatomy and biology. On certain occasions, for example, an Elder Dragon attack or sighting of a rare or previously undiscovered monster, the guild itself will issue a hunting request to a specific range of hunters. The Hunter's Guild keeps a comprehensive list of all known monster species and variations, and will supply hunters with this information on a regional basis. 

Furthermore, the Hunter's Guild is responsible for discovering and determining specific hunting grounds throughout the land. Only when a swath of area is within the guild's jurisdiction can it be embarked upon. Even despite this, the guild will sometimes only allow hunters within a specific city or region to accept certain quests. Finally, the Hunter's Guild is prone to building colosseums and arenas in which controlled hunter vs. monster battles take place. These arenas are meant both for training purposes and the entertainment of the public. 


In order to undertake guild-sponsored quests, one must first register themselves as an official monster hunter under the Hunter's Guild. Following this, hunters are given a specific measure of personal skill or "hunter rank" (often shortened to HR) through which the guild can gauge one's ability to undertake varying levels of hunting requests. In accordance with this, the guild will assign rankings, often on a number-of-stars basis, to hunting requests to ensure that dangerous or difficult quests are only embarked upon by skilled hunters who have proven their aptitude. This is both to ensure the safety of its hunters and to ensure that the request is properly completed. 



file:MH-Guild Crest.png|The official logo of the Hunter's Guild

file: MH4U-Dondruma Screenshot 009.jpg| Dondruma Town, the location of the Hunter's Guild HQ

file: MH3-chr_n03.png| Aisha, a guild representative who works at a guild outpost in Moga Village

file:LocLacCity03.jpg|A gathering hall in Loc Lac City. A quest board is visible in the background

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