The Huntsman (Japanese ソードマスター) is a veteran hunter and member of the First Fleet that lives in Astera.


Skilled and perhaps a little set in his ways, the Huntsman is still an active hunter after forty years. He obstinately clings to his old set of Blademaster Rathian Armor and neglects new advances such as slingers and scoutflies,[1] which can make him come across as a stubborn old man... which he denies. Nonetheless, there's no doubting his bravery or experience. He thrills in the hunt and believes in the spirit of competition, seeing the chance to test one's skills against worthy opponents as invaluable.[2] For the opportunity of self-improvement they provide, he respects the most powerful of monsters.


The Huntsman once fought a Teostra, which left the gashes and dents in his armor. He remembers the encounter fondly, and considers Teostra both an old enemy and an old friend.[3] He came to the New World forty years ago as part of the First Fleet and has been hunting ever since. During that time, he taught the Field Team Leader[4] and many of the Fourth Fleet hunters.[5] Two of his friends and rivals were the Admiral and the grandfather of the Handler.[6]


He wears an older set of Blademaster Rathian Armor and a sash with the First Fleet's sigil. He uses the Wyvern Blade "Leaf" as his weapon.



  • The Admiral admits that the Huntsman was always a better fighter and swordsman than him, but he'd beat him in an arm wrestling or eating contest.[7]
  • In concept art for The First Fleet, the Huntsman was portrayed as female.
  • When the Research Commission discusses the Nargacuga threat, the Huntsman reveals he and Nargacuga have a history, implying they fought in the past.[8]


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