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Hypnocatrice is a Bird Wyvern introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Season 1.0.


Hypnocatrice is a medium-sized Bird Wyvern covered in bright, colorful feathers. It has extremely powerful legs with large feet, and a hard, sharp beak. Despite its feathered appearance, Hypnocatrice flies using pterosaur or bat-like membraned wings, leaving its feather arrangements strictly for display purposes. It possesses a sleep sac, which allows it to produce a colorless mist that can cause attackers to fall unconscious.


It is equipped with a sleeping sac that can put hunters and other monsters to sleep. Its strong legs allow it to deliver powerful kicks, and its small size and light weight allow it to move with speed and agility during battle.


Hypnocatrice is not particularly aggressive or territorial, but will stand its ground if threatened.


Hypnocatrice are typically found in lush environments such as the Great Forest or Jungle, but have also been encountered in desolate environments such as the Desert.

Game Appearances

Main Series



Other Non-Subspecies Forms

Hard Core (HC) Hypnocatrice

FrontierGen-HC Hypnocatrice Render 001 (Edited).png

HC Hypnocatrice appears similar to a normal Hypnocatrice. The normal orange coloured feathers are now a warm pink color, with its back feathers featuring a small yellow tint. Its wings also have more of a pink colour in them, which it will use to create much stronger winds than a normal Hypnocatrice.

Zenith Hypnocatrice

FrontierGen-Zenith Hypnocatrice Render 001.png

Main Article: Zenith Hypnocatrice

A Zenith Species of Hypnocatrice first appearing in Monster Hunter Frontier Z.

Breeding Season Hypnocatrice

FrontierGen-Breeding Season Hypnocatrice Render 001.png

Main Article: Breeding Season Hypnocatrice

A Variant of Hypnocatrice introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Season 1.0.

Gold Hypnocatrice

MHO-Gold Hypnocatrice Render 001.png

Main Article: Gold Hypnocatrice

A Lone Species of Hypnocatrice first appearing in Monster Hunter Online.

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
Hypnocatrice Icon.png A rust-colored bird wyvern with beautiful tail feathers found mainly in forests. A highly pacifistic wyvern by nature, it breathes sleeping gas on its enemies and prey alike. Its strong, developed legs pack a serious punch, so be careful!
Monster Hunter Frontier G
FrontierGen-Hypnocatrice Icon.png (?)
Monster Hunter Online
MHO-Hypnocatrice Icon.png (?)
Threat Level (危険度): !!!


General Notes

  • The name most likely came from Hypnos, the personification of sleep in Greek myth, and cockatrice, which in heraldry is depicted as a rooster-headed wyvern.
  • Alongside Lavasioth and Espinas, Hypnocatrice is one of the only three monsters that debuted in Monster Hunter Frontier and later introduced to the main series.
    • While it is true that both Hypnocatrice and Lavasioth debuted in Monster Hunter Frontier Season 1.0, they were already planned for the main line games for quite some time.
    • In the end, both teams ended up working on the concepts together for the releases of Frontier Season 1.0 and Freedom Unite respectively.
    • Both Lavasioth's and Hypnocatrice's original concepts can be found in the Generation 1 art books.
  • There are minor visual differences between Hypnocatrice in Monster Hunter Frontier and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite:
    • In Freedom Unite, its back feathers are rainbow-colored, whereas in Frontier, they are a solid orange.
    • This is most likely due to the fact that the Frontier Hypnocatrice was built using a different engine and had to be re-modeled from scratch for Freedom Unite. The addition of rainbow feathers was most likely a retrospective design decision by the character artists at Capcom.
    • In Frontier, Hypnocatrice does not have the jump kick attack, but instead has an upward sleep gas attack that it does not have in MHFU.
  • When enraged, Hypnocatrice's tail feathers will stand up more prominently, unless near death, when they lie flat.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

  • Hypnocatrice's beak can be broken.
  • Hypnocatrice was the target in the easiest quest of the PSN demo.

  • Monster Hunter Frontier

  • Hypnocatrice's beak can be broken.
  • They can be found in the Desert.
  • There is a Hypnocatrice that can create large sleep-gas bubbles in the air that will slowly fall and anyone that is caught in them will be put to sleep.

  • Monster Hunter Online

  • This monster is unlocked at Level 20.
  • Hypnocatrice's beak and tail feathers can be broken.
  • Nearly harmless while flashed, staying close to the monster creates large opportunities to deal damage.

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