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Hyujikiki is a Flying Wyvern introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier G.

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It is covered in a golden-yellow fur-like substance and has several brown spikes along its back and all over its tail, which itself ends in a large spike. It is a Flying Wyvern with a body structure much like NargacugaDyuragaua, or Tigrex. Hyujikiki mostly attacks by flinging its spikes and shooting blasts of wind.


It lives in the Highland and Desert, where it uses its speed and power to create powerful twisters.

Other Non-Subspecies Forms

Zenith Hyujikiki

FrontierGen-Zenith Hyujikiki Render 001

Main Article: Zenith Hyujikiki

A Zenith Species of Hyujikiki first appearing in Monster Hunter Frontier Z.

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier G
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  • Some of Hyujikiki's attacks and movements are reminiscent of Barioth's and Nargacuga's.
    • Like Sand Barioth's, Hyujikiki can make tornadoes with its breath attacks, but Hyujikiki is able to make multiple tornadoes then throw spikes into them, making them throw the spikes in multiple directions.
  • The spikes on its body turn red (along with its eyes) in its enraged state.
    • Oddly the spikes become longer as well.
  • Hyujikiki's horns, back and wing claws can be broken and Hyujikiki's tail tip can be severed.
  • Like Gurenzeburu, the lightning storms in the Highland can damage Hyujikiki, should it be struck directly.
  • Hyujikiki evolved its spikes to defend itself from attacks by Poborubarumu.
  • Hyujikiki's roar requires HG Earplugs to block.
  • Hyujikiki's design is based on a hedgehog.

  • It can fling the spikes off its tail, much like Nargacuga. Unlike Nargacuga, it can fire them forwards, backwards, and outwards in a circle.
    • After Hyujikiki's spikes hit the ground they remain on the ground as damage causing obstacles. If someone stands on these spikes they will receive damage every second they stand on them. This can be troublesome for hunters who get paralyzed on top of the spikes as they will receive damage over time.
  • Hyujikiki becomes considerably more powerful when near death. A storm begins in the Highlands; and a Paralysis, Poison and Sleep gas aura builds up around its body, it becomes able to inflict different status effects and its tail gains the ability to hold a tornado on it for wind-based attacks. This rage is permanent for the rest of the hunt.
    • During this rage all Hyujikiki's tail and spike attacks will randomly inflict either Sleep, Poison or Paralysis. This includes just spikes laying on the ground and if someone steps on a spike and gets sleep inflicted on them its possible to get stuck in a endless cycle of status attacks till death of poison and spike damage.
    • During its near death rage unlike most other monsters its defense against raw attack is considerably increased. Though Hyujikiki is still extremely weak to fire in this state.

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