Iceblast Brachydios are Special Species of Brachydios introduced in Monster Hunter Explore.

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Iceblast Brachydios are unique types of Brachydios with ice covering their bodies. On their backs heads, and forelimbs, Iceblast Brachydios have four flaming ice spikes that contain red slime mold inside them. This red slime is also seemingly found near their eyes.


Iceblast Brachydios are capable of doing anything their relatives can do. However, unlike them, these ones have the Ice Element. When Iceblast Brachydios roar, they cover the ground in ice and spawn giant ice spikes containing their active slime mold. Their unique slime can spawn ice whenever they explode on the ground.


Iceblast Brachydios only lives in the Tundra.

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Monster Hunter Explore
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