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In-Game Information

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Female Jaggi that stay in groups, Jaggia generally cluster around the nest to defend it and raise whelps. Smaller than mature males, but larger than and tougher than the countless young males. Jaggia also operate under an alphas orders.


  • Order: Saurischia
  • Suborder: Bird Feet
  • Infraorder: Runner Wyvern
  • Superfamily: Dog Wyvern
  • Family: Jaggi

Jaggia are the female equivalents of Jaggi, a Bird Wyvern related to the Velociprey species.


These female Bird Wyverns inhabit the Deserted Island and Sandy Plains of the New World . Jaggia in the Old World are found in the Ancestral SteppeSunken HollowDunesMisty PeaksHeaven's Mount, and Everwood.

Ecological Niche

While the male Jaggi go out to hunt, the female Jaggias will remain at the nest to keep their eggs and young safe, while having her food brought back by the Jaggi. Not all Jaggia remain at the nests however, occasionally, some will join them in the fields, as they are no different in ferocity compared to the Jaggi.

Biological Adaptations

The average size of an adult Jaggia is 517.8cm. Unlike their male version, they possess no tail spikes, and their 'frills' hang down, looking more like ears rather than frills. To make up for the lack of tail spikes, they possess a muscular tail that functions much like a club or a whip. They also attack more like the Great Jaggi and are actually adults, just like the Great Jaggi. When defending the nest, or helping in the hunt, Jaggia are known to do a 'hipcheck', throwing itself at the target in a similar way as the Great Jaggi. Should this charge connect, even the most skilled Hunter or prey will find themselves knocked back and stunned for a moment while they regain their footing, leaving them open momentarily to attack. Note that there are always fewer Jaggia than Jaggi to the whole pack. Like Great Jaggi and Jaggi these raptors have frills on their necks that can be utilized in threat and mating displays.


Jaggia are aggressive towards anything that threatens the lives of their eggs or young. Though they are aggressive, they keep a distance away from large threats for protection.


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