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In-Game Information

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Rare ore can be mined from these enormous dragons' backs; thus they are considered prosperity symbols. They are always surrounded by scavenging Delex, which sailors use to locate them.


  • Order: Elder Dragon
  • Suborder: Mine Dragon
  • Family: Jhen

Jhen Mohran is a giant Elder Dragon that swims within the sand. Its closest relative is the rare and beautiful Hallowed Jhen Mohran.

Habitat Range

Jhen Mohran is found only in the Great Desert, where the sand is loose and fine enough for it to swim freely.

Ecological Niche

Jhen Mohran feeds very much like a baleen whale. It swallows large amounts of sand to filter in any type of nutrients found within the sands.

Biological Adaptations

Jhen Mohran's main adaptation is its huge size. Jhen Mohran is up to 11161.9 cm, twenty percent of this length is its tusks. Its body is streamlined and equipped with immensely powerful limbs, which allows it to travel through the sand at great speeds. It uses the front limbs and tusks to push aside sand. Though Jhen Mohran feeds on the nutrients found within the sand, it will expel the unnecessary materials outside of its body with the help of multiple blowholes. The expelled sand alone can cause a change in flow to the quicksand in the Great Desert. Occasionally, seasonal winds can catch the expelled sands and blow the sands in the direction of settlements, causing massive sandstorms. Jhen Mohran has powerful lungs that helps it hold its breath for long periods of time. Some older Jhen Mohran can even use their lungs to fire a destructive beam of sand at foes. If sand wasn't covering Jhen Mohran than it would be a beautiful blue color. By spending long periods in the sand, the ore has formed from be polished by the sands.


Jhen Mohran is a relatively calm creature, but has been known to retaliate against Desert/Dragon Ships if attacked as they see them as potential rivals. It takes little notice of hunters climbing on its back, and will only occasionally try to fling them off.

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