Jyuratodus are Piscine Wyverns first introduced in Monster Hunter: World.


Jyuratodus is related to Lavasioth, and as such resembles a bipedal coelacanth fish. It has two dorsal fins, two pectoral fins, two pelvic fins, and a long, thick tail. Instead of Lavasioth's hardened lava covering, Jyuratodus covers itself in mud and sludge. Jyuratodus's head, body, legs and tail can be wounded.

Behavior and Abilities

Jyuratodus is able to cover its body in mud for protection, and spits a watery sludge that can temporarily trap hunters to defend itself. Jyuratodus leaves behind solid mud piles when it swims, which hunters can use as platforms to avoid being slowed down by the swamp water.[1] Much like Barroth, Jyuratodus will roll mud in order to cover its body in it. [2] The mud will protect Jyuratodus's body parts from physical damage as well as defend against its primary elemental weakness, Thunder.

Jyuratodus is known to clash with Barroth, as the two share the same muddy habitats. During a Turf War, Jyuratodus will ambush Barroth from below and attempt to constrict and bite the brute wyvern, only to be thrown violently to the ground afterward, resulting in both monsters taking damage and Jyuratodus being knocked over briefly. When left undisturbed, Jyuratodus won't bother anything within their territory, such as the Gajau it shares the lower end of the swamp with. Once disturbed, however, Jyuratodus will turn aggressive and try to injure threats.

Element/Status Effectiveness

Element Effectiveness Status Effectiveness
Fire () Poison ★★
Water (★★★) Sleep
Thunder ★★★() Paralysis ★★
Ice Blast ★★
Dragon Stun ★★★

() when covered in Mud.

Game Appearances

Main Series


In-game description

Monster Hunter World
MHW-Jyuratodus Icon.png A large piscine wyvern that inhabits the swamps of the Wildspire Waste. It uses mud to capture prey, and it's known to battle other monsters over territory.
Monster Hunter Rise
MHRise-Jyuratodus Icon.png A piscine wyvern that inhabits swamps, utilizing the mud there to hunt and survive. It wallows in the mire to maximize cutaneous respiration and preserve the toughness of its scales. The sludge it spits is highly viscous, so watch where you step, lest you get stuck in it.
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★★


This section is about monster materials unique to Jyuratodus in Monster Hunter Rise. For detailed lists, as well as carves in other games, see Jyuratodus Carves


This section is about Equipment made from Jyuratodus materials in Monster Hunter Rise. For more information, see Jyuratodus Equipment.



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