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In-Game Information

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Kamu Orugaron is a wolf-like Fanged Beast who is the male counterpart of Nono Orugaron. Some lone Kamu Orugaron have changed dramatically after losing their mate and moving to the Volcano. These rare individuals are known as Midogaron.

Habitat Range

Kamu Orugaron has been seen inhabiting the Swamp and Tower.

Ecological Niche

Kamu Orugaron is a top predator known to feed on prey such as Bullfango, Aptonoth, and Mosswine. Kamu Orugaron have to compete with large predators such as Abiorugu, Khezu, Akura Jebia, and rare Baruragaru. In the Tower, it competes with Silver Rathalos, Gold Rathian, Lucent Nargacuga, along with the two rare Piscine Wyverns Aruganosu and Goruganosu. There have also been reports of Kamu Orugaron being attacked by their rare yet, powerful mutation Midogaron.

Biological Adaptations

Unlike Nono Orugaron, Kamu Orugaron is a heavy hitter that takes advantage of his strength. On his mane is razor sharp spike-like quills used for attacking foes and protecting from aerial attacks. Kamu Orugaron's lungs are very powerful, much like Tigrex, allowing him to produce his well-known howl. The howl is a tool used for communication between the Kamu Orugaron and Nono Orugaron, however, it can also be an effective weapon. At close range, this howl can easily effect shake the brain of a victim or send a foe flying backwards. Kamu Orugaron can even fire a wind-like blast at foes, like Kushala Daora, from a distance. Though this isn't really known, Kamu Orugaron have an underdeveloped ice sac. Some older individuals have shown that they could use ice to form frozen armor on their legs and fire icy spikes from their back. In its mouth are two large fangs strong enough to break the armor plating of some armor.

Some less common individuals, possibly older males, have more muscle mass, blue eyes, dark red claws, red nose, more white colored hair and a larger Mohawk. These strong Kamu Orugaron are known to chain strong attacks to confuse and overpower prey and predators.


Kamu Orugaron are highly aggressive beasts, along with the Nono Orugaron. While young, Kamu Orugaron are solitary but when fully grown they work together with Nono Orugaron. Since these monsters need to constantly make a kill daily, they can affect the species in the ecosystem around them.

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