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Kelbi are Herbivores that appear in Monster Hunter: World. These small monsters are known for their gentle demeanor and the medicinal properties of their horns. Those wishing to harvest a horn should aim for the head when attacking them. They can be found in the Wildspire Waste and Coral Highlands.

Behavior and Abilities

They will often run around in areas, commonly in groups of four. They will jump 4 times, stop for a few seconds, and continue jumping. While they are stopped, they can be hit easily. Their horns can be broken, which drops a shiny Kelbi Horn

Hunt Details

Kelbi appear in the following quests:

  • Ballooning Problems
  • Legiana: Embodiment of Elegance
  • Old World Monster in the New World

Monster Materials

Item Name Rarity Value Description
MH4G-Claw Icon Green
Kelbi Horn
4 52z While not practical for forging purposes, Kelbi horns are a vital component of many items.
MH4G-Hide Icon Green
Warm Pelt
4 120z A pelt from a small animal. Used for many things, but mostly just regular clothes.
MH4G-Hide Icon Orange
High-quality Pelt
6 320z Rare pelt from a small animal. Feels wonderful to the touch and valued highly by the Commission.
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