Keoaruboru are Elder Dragons introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Z.


Keoaruboru are structured similarly to the likes of Flying Wyvern's such as Tigrex complete with wings, although the actual membranes which have rather torn looking edges and the fingers that hold them are usually tucked almost completely against the muscular forelimbs which feature large claws that have extensions that curve back, which is also present for its hindlegs. The head has a long cainine-esque face with a few small spikes protruding backwards at the back, red eyes, and two large horns. Connected to the chest and back is a twisting bone structure which some compare to pieces of driftwood due to its shape, there are also a few spines lining its back which vary in size. The tail ends in a club with five pointed edges. Keoaruboru's color scheme is almost entirely varying shades of grey although there are red vein like patterns present on the forelimbs, chest, head, and horns. When its parts are heated up the vein patterns will be pulsing and glowing as an aura of heat and fire emits off of the parts, parts that are broken also have the stumps glowing and pulsing as well. When in its Overheated State the vein patterns as well as the stumps glow and pulsate at all times and are also more spread out in the formers case, this effect remains even after death.


With powerful muscles, immense size, and thick charcoal-like skin Keoaruboru have plenty of physical strength that allows them to crush and tear apart all kinds of opponents, even by jumping surprisingly high into the air to smash foes upon impact. Keoaruboru's skin is extremely heat absorbent, the extra amount present on the head, forelimbs, and tail especially. With the excessive amount of heat absorbed they can unleash fiery blasts with swipes of their claws and tail, or breath out massive heat beams scorching the Interceptor's Base or any unlucky hunters to ashes with ease.


Keoaruboru are extreme hostile monsters that have been described as living volcano's in terms of destructive ability and heat produced, the ferocity of these behemoth's is so great that they destroy fortresses with ease, and have even earned them the distinct title of Ultra-Class Elder Dragons due to them being considered a greater threat in comparison to most other Elder Dragons.


It is theorized that the natural habitat of Keoaruboru are in mountainous areas, though it is not known for certain if this is true, they are infamously known for attacking large settlements and fortresses, most commonly the one that was made with them primarily in mind, the Interceptor's Base.

Game Appearances

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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier Z
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Music Themes

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General Notes

  • Keoaruboru's horns, both of its forelimbs and its back can be wounded and its tail can be severed.
  • Throughout the fight and as it performs attacks its arms, tail, and head will heat up causing the attacks with said parts to increase in range and power, to prevent this hunters must attack the parts that are heating up which will cool them, if left unchecked Keoaruboru can easily destroy the Interceptor's Base for an instant quest failure.
    • Upon transitioning to its Overheating Phase all of the parts will already be heated up, and if cooled down they will reheat even faster.

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