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A Kinship Stone (Japanese 絆石) is a unique item used by riders in order to bond with their Monsties.

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What's A Kinship Stone?

A Kinship Stone is a special stone forged from a Kinship Ore. It is Rider's symbol and bond forger. With this stone, a rider is able to forge a bond with their Monstie. By foraging this bond, the rider and Monstie are close to each other, both mentally and emotionally. It has the mysterious ability to purify the Black Blight.

Rite of Kinship

The Rite of Kinship is a special ceremony that students have to go through in order to become true riders.

To become true riders, they must use their Kinship Stone to hatch a single egg in order to gain their first Monstie. After hatching an egg, the students must purify the stone by cleansing it in a waterfall. By cleansing the stone, students are able to unlock the hidden power found within the Kinship Stone. If they aren't able to purify the Kinship Stone, then they won't be considered true riders.