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This is merely a plausible explanation for the monster(s) in this article, and may or may not be considered canon to the series.

In-Game Information

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The Kirin is said to glow a faint blue, but so few have seen it that details are scarce. It is apparently capable of calling forth lightning at will. Kirin material is very valuable.


  • Order: Elder Dragon
  • Suborder: Phantom Beast
  • Family: Kirin

Kirin is a horse-like Elder Dragon known for its rarity. Its closest relatives are Oroshi Kirin and Inagami.

Habitat Range

Kirin appear to be capable of surviving in any environment. The known habitats of Kirin in the Old World consist of the Snowy Mountains, Old Jungle, Jungle, Old Swamp, Battleground, Tower, Tower Summit, Jurassic Frontier and Everwood. In the New World, Kirin can be found in the Coral Highlands and the Guiding Lands.

Ecological Niche

It is unknown how Kirin fit into the ecological niche, however, they are known to be the natural prey of Rajang.

Just like in the Old World, the Kirin appear to fall prey to Rajang in the New World as well.

Prior to the commission journey to the New World, Kirin's diet was unknown. It's was discovered to feed on floras in the Coral Highlands.[1]

Biological Adaptations

Kirin have white fur used for picking up electricity. When enough electrical currents are picked up in the fur, Kirin will glow brightly and its hide will deflect most attacks. From this, the Hunter's Guild believes that Kirin's high metabolism helps it pick up electricity as well. A Kirin's most vital feature is its long horn. This horn is used to summon lightning from the sky, even when there isn't a storm cloud in sight, to strike any foes that threaten it. However, even if this horn is destroyed, Kirin can still summon lightning bolts with little effort.

Some of the rarer, older, or just stronger individuals are known for having unusually strong electrical powers that are yet to be fully understood. Some of these extra-rare Kirin are able to harness bolts of red thunder much like the equally rare White Fatalis when feeling threatened. Some of the larger, stronger muscles are located in its legs, capable of delivering deadly kicks. Equipped with such powerful legs, all Kirin posses the ability to run at speeds so unexpectedly fast they appear to teleport, leaving behind a trail of blue electricity. The strongest ones can do this 3 times in a row in a red thunder rage before its horn loses its red charge again.


Kirin are a highly unpredictable species. Sometimes Kirin are calm, other times they are aggressive. In one legend, it was said that a Kirin actually destroyed a whole village with its electrical powers.


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