Kokoto Village is the offline setting for Monster Hunter and Monster Hunter Freedom. It is a village where merchants commonly go to sell their goods from other lands. The village is led by the Kokoto Chief, a retired Wyverian hunter who achieved Legendary status for slaying a Monoblos with the Hero's Blade, hunted a Lao-Shan Lung alone, and slaying another Lao-Shan Lung with 3 other hunters after it killed his fiancée. He is also known as the "Hero of Kokoto". Among the village's residence, there is a man who allegedly was once called a "Legendary Gunner". He is currently recovering in the village due to an injury. A woman in the back of the village gives useful tips from a letter she receives from her Brother in town. This "town" is referring to the online mode of Monster Hunter, "Minegarde." There is also a stand with two salesman, one selling equipment while the other forges them. Then there are stands of merchants and a traveling salesman, who brings rare items from other lands. In Monster Hunter Freedom there are the additions of a farm, a training school and a guild hall. Monster Hunter Generations adds Maximeld XVI, who can meld Talismans.

The village's landmark is the hunter's sword which is embedded in a large rock at the back of the hunter's home. It is renowned for being the weapon that the Hero of Kokoto used to kill a Monoblos. It becomes available once a Rathalos has been hunted down. In Generations, the Hero's Blade can be retrieved after defeating Astalos in the village quests.



Map of the Schrade Region

  • Kokoto Village is located in the North West of the Monster Hunter map in the a region known as Schrade. It can be pin-pointed on the map by the letter E (ココット村). To the village's west, lies the Town of Minegarde (ミナガルデ), represented by the letter F, one of few places with a Hunter's Guild. To its northeast is an abandoned kingdom called Castle Schrade (シュレイド城) as the letter B.

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Kokoto Village 【ココット村】 Monster Hunter Generations Soundtrack

Kokoto Village 【ココット村】 Monster Hunter Generations Soundtrack

MHX: Kokoto Village Theme

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