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In-Game Information

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Neopterons that travel widely for food and can survive in almost any environment. Konchu roll into balls both to protect themselves and to fend off threats. Their sturdy shells are fairly easy to procure and are highly prized by armorers.


  • Order: Coleoptera
  • Suborder: Shield Bug
  • Family: Konchu

Konchu is a small sized Neopteron and is quite different compared to other small Neopterons.

Habitat Range

Konchu are highly adaptable and can be found in just about every type of environment. Konchu have been seen living in the Ancestral Steppe, Sunken Hollow, Volcanic Hollow, Primal Forest, Heaven's Mount, and Frozen Seaway. Interestingly, the coloration of their shells seems to vary depending on the nature of their environment.

Ecological Niche

Konchu are low in the food chain and have many predators, such as Jaggi, Jaggia, Zamite, and Velociprey. The main predators of the Konchu are the Yian Kut-Ku, its subspecies, and their more dangerous relative Yian Garuga. Konchu primarily feed on rotten flesh, animal waste, plants, and mushrooms. Some Konchu will even eat ore. They will sometimes even attempt to jump on larger monsters to feed on.

Biological Adaptations

Konchu have a hard shell used for protection against threats. Konchu can curl themselves up into small balls, allowing them to roll around at high speeds. This adaptation can be used as both a means of escape and a form of attack. Konchu also possess powerful jaws used for grasping on to food. Variations of Konchu can have different colors depending on their environment, which they use as a form of camouflage to protect themselves from possible predators.


Konchu mostly stay hidden until they are threatened or smell food. Konchu will swarm around kills but they will wait until the predator is finished with that kill before feeding on the leftovers. When threatened, Konchu will attempt to frighten their attacker away by raising themselves on to their back feet and waving their fan-like pincers. If this does not work, they will proceed to launch themselves at their attacker in an attempt to tackle them. Oddly enough, some hunters have witnessed Konchu crawling on to the bodies of larger monsters and remaining there. This strange phenomenon seems to act as a natural form of armor for the large monsters on which the Konchu place themselves, making it difficult for hunters to damage the monster while it is covered in Konchu and their strong shells. It is uncertain whether this behavior is a sign of some sort of symbiotic relationship between Konchu and other monsters or not.

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