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In-Game Information

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Kuarusepusu is a nomadic Leviathan species that starts of life in the ocean before moving onto land.

Habitat Range

Kuarusepusu spend their young lives in the ocean but as they age they come to land and gather in areas such as the HighlandGreat Forest Peak, and the Desert within the Old World.

Ecological Niche

Kuarusepusu are top predators in their environments not only due to their size and strength but the ability to utilize both fire and electrical attacks which is a rarity for most other creatures. Smaller predators such as Genprey and Cephalos are possible meals for the Leviathans. However Kuarusepusu coexist with other large predators such as Gurenzeburu (there have been eyewitness accounts of battles between these two), Doragyurosu, Pariapuria, Dyuragaua, Tigrex, Copper Blangonga, Espinas Rare Species, HyujikikiDiorekkusu and some Elder Dragons. But fully grown Kuarusepusu are very formidable themselves armed with a tough scaly and crystal hide, mace-like tail, large sharp teeth, and the ability to use both fire and electric based attacks, thus making the Leviathans truly impressive predators.

Biological Adaptations

Upon reaching adult age, a Kuarusepusu leave the water and eat large amounts of ore that is processed by bacteria in its stomach to develop a crystal layer around its body that functions as armor and weapon at the same time. These crystals react to loud sounds to attract and collect lightning and redirect it toward its prey and enemies alike, while it could also gather and preserve sunlight before unleashing them all in one big blinding blast of light. Currently Kuarusepusu are the only known Leviathans that eat ores and minerals. A Kuarusepusu's body might be one of the toughest among Leviathans, as it could dig itself into rock-solid ground, unlike others who can only dig in molten, icy or sandy surfaces. The scales on the underbelly of a Kuarusepusu are surprisingly soft and smooth, thus allowing it to slide over rocks in the Highland with relative ease.


Kuarusepusu are aggressive hunters that travel from area to area for food.

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