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Great Sword Icon White Unknown Rarity
Lagia Thunderpeal / (?)


Level: Attack: Special: Affinity: Slots: Defense:
LV1 210 Status Effect-Thunderblight MH4 Icon Thunder 20 5% O-- N/A

Level: Sharpness: Sharpness +1: Sharpness +2:
LV1 Blue (?) (?)

Notes: Note.purple Note.aqua
Description: The Lagia Horn's final form, it brings rough seas as thunder echoes across the land.

Acquirement and Upgrade Method:
Buy-able from Store: No Buying Cost: N/A
Creation Materials: Upgrade Materials:


Hyper Charged Shell / (?) x3
Hyper Lagiacrus Hide / (?) x4
Lagiacrus Sapphire / (?) x1
HR Lagiacrus Materials x8

Creation Cost: Upgrade Cost:
N/A 36400z
Creation Byproduct: Upgrade Byproduct:
N/A Hyper Lagiacrus Scrap x2

Recital Notes:
Note.purple + Note.purple
Movement Speed Up
Attack Deflection Prevention
Note.purple + + + Note.purple
Defense Boost (L)
Defense Boost Bonus
Note.purple + + Note.aqua
Note.purple + Note.aqua + + Note.aqua
Negate Stamina Use (L)
Negate Stamina Duration Bonus + + Note.aqua
Wind Pressure Negated
All Wind Pressure Negated
Note.aqua + + Note.purple
Negate Stun
Note.aqua + Note.aqua + Note.aqua
Snow/Mud Negated

Weapon Path:
Upgraded From: >> Lagia Thunderpeal >> Upgrades Into:
Hunting Horn Icon Yellow Lagia Horn (Level 4) N/A
MHX: Hunting Horn Weapon Tree

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