Larinoth are Herbivores introduced in Monster Hunter Generations.


Larinoth are distinctively big monsters, compared to other herbivores and even many large monsters. It possesses a great height, which is mostly attributed to its extremely lengthy neck. The tail of a Larinoth is rounded and club-like, with spiked plating that runs along the back and up to the crest on its head. Said plating is nearly entirely green, and the Larinoth's underbelly is a cream color.

Larinoths appear to be based off of sauropods, though they do not seem to be based on any one genus, but they have body structures that reminiscent to Brachiosaurus.

Game Appearances

Main Series


In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Generations
MHGen-Larinoth Icon.png These giant herbivores are peaceful towards hunters unless their young are threatened. Their long necks let them eat hard-to-reach leaves and nuts, which they may drop if attacked while feeding, and eat constantly to maintain their size. They also have a unique sound-producing organs.
Threat Level (危険度):


General Notes

  • Attacking Larinoth while they are eating or drinking will cause them to drop a shiny.

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