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In-Game Information

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"These giant herbivores are peaceful towards hunters unless their young are threatened. Their long necks let them eat hard-to-reach leaves and nuts, which they may drop if attacked while feeding, and eat constantly to maintain their size. They also have a unique sound-producing organs."


  • Order: Saurischia
  • Suborder: Odd Neck
  • Superfamily: Neck Cry Wyvern
  • Family: Larinoth

Larinoth are a recently discovered species. They can easily be considered the largest in the Herbivore classification.

Habitat Range

Larinoth can only be found in the Jurassic Frontier thus far.

Ecological Niche

Larinoth are low on the food chain, primarily feeding on nuts in trees and lotus flowers. Larinoth are known to be preyed upon by Glavenus, Rathian, and Tigrex.

Biological Adaptions

Larinoth are interestingly called Neck Cry Wyverns. This is due to them having a unique call that comes from the top of their head. It is unknown what this call is used for but research on the purpose behind these strange calls is under way. A Larinoth's skin is green in color, similar to the plains they live on.


Larinoth are quite calm until provoked. If attacked by predators, they'll attempt to crush their foes or use their powerful tails to attack. If a member of their herd is attacked, other Larinoth may attack to protect that member. Larinoth have even been seen taking on large predatory monsters. Larinoth are capable of killing larger predators, or injuring and deterring more dangerous ones. Glavenus have been found that have crushed ankles from being stomped or clubbed by a Larinoth.

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