Lavanda (Japanese ラヴァンダ) is the Guild Master of the Hunter's Pub and owner of the Soaratorium.

MHGU-Lavanda Render 001


Lavanda is considered to be mysterious in many aspects. The only person who seems to really know much about her is Wehner.


Once a legendary hunter, Lavanda was once a go to hunter for both the Wycademy and Hunter's Guild for a long time. After sometime of being a hunter, she retired for unknown reasons. It is said that the last monster she hunted was a Diablos, which eventually became a Bloodbath Diablos. At some point after retirement, she purchased the Soaratorium and renovated the inside of it for the Hunter's Pub, a place where hunters can gather and go on hunts together. Though she isn't a hunter anymore, Lavanda does disappear from her post occasionally to deal with secret manners.


Lavanda wears a beautiful dress made of Malfestio materials.



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