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Lavasioth are Piscine Wyverns that appear in Monster Hunter: World. These monsters utilize molten lava as armor. They are extremely aggressive and will attack without prejudice until the threat has been eliminated. They can be found in the Elder's Recess. Their materials can be used to craft the Lavasioth Armor Set.

Behavior and Abilities

Lavasioth has been overhauled, with new moves, new behavior, new animations, and a new armor mechanic in Monster Hunter: World. Lavasioth's lava shell will cool as it stays out of magma, similarly to Agnaktor. When the lava cools, attacks will bounce off and elements become less effective. The lava shell can be forcefully softened by using a Torch Pod or a fire element attack.

The weakspots of the Lavasioth include the head and underbelly.

Hunt Details

The Lavasioth is the target of the following quests:

  • Lavasioth
  • Monster of Magma
  • A Fiery Convergence

Element/Status Effectiveness

Lavasioth Damage Effectiveness
() when covered in hardened lava.

Monster Materials

Item Name Rarity Value Description
MH4G-Scale Icon Grey
Lavasioth Scale+
6 1280z Rare Lavasioth material. Mostly obtained by carving. Broadly used for many purposes.
FourthGen-Carapace Icon Grey
Lavasioth Carapace
6 1880z Rare Lavasioth material. Mostly obtained as a reward. Solid, used to craft gear.
MH4G-Claw Icon Grey
Lavasioth Fang+
6 2480z Rare Lavasioth material. Obtained by breaking its head. Sharp, used in many weapons.
MH4G-Monster Parts Icon Grey
Lavasioth Fin+
6 2560z Rare Lavasioth material. Obtained by breaking its dorsal fin. Used for many purposes.
MH4G-Ball Icon Light Blue
Wyvern Gem
7 4000z Throughout a wyvern's life, impurities gather and form this peculiar gem.


For more information, see Lavasioth Equipment

Lavasioth materials can be used to craft two different armor sets: Lavasioth α Armor and Lavasioth β Armor.

The following is a complete weapon list for Lavasioth weapons:

Great Sword: Dual Blades: Light Bowgun:


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