Legendary Artisan (Japanese 伝説の職人) is an infamous smithy that is known to travel the world.


The Legendary Artisan is a subtle Wyverian.


Originally from Cathar, the Legendary Artisan has majored in making some of the strongest equipment in the world. This equipment can be found in some places like Jumbo Village, Dundorma, Mezeporta, and Harth. He has reinvented the ways some individuals craft and forge equipment all around in the world, even becoming a teacher for a small handful of them. One of the groups he taught were all Troverian. Nowadays, he travels the world for its secrets in order to find new ways crafting or new materials to work with by looking through scrolls.

The Legendary Artisan has also said that he would challenge Valphalk with an unnamed hunter if he was younger.


The Legendary Artisan wears an orange hat with a navy blue robe and pants.


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