Little Miss Forge (Japanese 加工屋の娘) is a smithy found with in Harth.

MH4-Little Miss Forge Render 001


Little Miss Forge is a cheerful girl with many ideas and big dreams. She wants to become the Greatest Smithy in the World.


Her early life is unknown, however, she was adopted by the Troverians within the village of Harth. During her years in Harth, she has learnt how to craft all sorts of equipment in ways that can't easily be explained. Little Miss Forge even knows what each known element can do to a person. One day, the Caravaneer and his caravan came to her village for the tribe to make a ship, called the Arluq. Sadly, the flow of the lava for crafting such a ship was blocked by the web of a Nerscylla until an unnamed hunter slayed the beast. From this caravan dramatically changing her village, she decided to leave her village and become a member of their team.


Little Miss Forge wears a yellow leather, much like the Troverians in her old village.


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