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Lolo Gougarf is a Fanged Beast first introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier G2.

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The Gougarfs are large, ape-like creatures with canine features that inhabit the Gorge. They are genetically dimorphic and can be found in one of two distinct forms. These forms are so different in fact that separate names were conceived to identify them. Lolo Gougarf is the red-furred monster, with a flatter, bulldog-like face and white-and-grey stripes. Ray Gougarf is the blue monster, with a longer, wolf-like snout and navy blue-and-white stripes. Ray possesses the dominant gene, making it the more common of the two forms. Lolo possesses the recessive gene, which causes it to look different and behave much more aggressively.


These monsters are physically strong, capable of lifting and throwing their own body weight. Like Rukodiora, this pair of monsters is capable of manipulating Magnetism to ensnare or repel foes at will.


These monsters are most often seen alongside one another. The two of them are capable of attacking in unison to overwhelm prey and foes alike. Ray is known to be rather docile, avoiding conflict when possible. Lolo is the opposite, highly aggressive and willing to engage foes. Because of this, they will exhibit different behaviors in battle. If its Lolo partner is killed, Ray will flee the area and be unable to enter an enraged state. On the other hand, if Ray is killed, Lolo will become constantly enraged and will remain to fight the attackers to the death.

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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier G
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Music Themes

【MHFG2】 - ロロ&ライ・ゴウガルフ BGM (HQ)

【MHFG2】 - ロロ&ライ・ゴウガルフ BGM (HQ)

MHFG2: Gougarf Music Theme


  • Lolo and Ray Gougarf are the third pair of monsters introduced in Frontier that stay with each other through a quest and can combine their attacks.
  • The relationship of Lolo and Ray Gougarf isn't male and female like Rathalos/Rathian, but rather Lolo is a recessive gene variant that is much more aggressive than the standard Ray.
  • Lolo Gougarf's face, arms and tail can be broken.
  • Lolo Gougarf's roar requires Earplugs to block.
  • When enraged, Lolo Gougarf will roar releasing a small magnetic field that causes its hair stand up and red static to surround its body.
    • If Lolo Gougarf becomes enraged, so will Ray Gougarf.
  • Lolo Gougarf will strike its fists on the ground several times to give Ray Gougarf a command before using a combined attack.

  • If KO'ed while in rage, stars will remain around the individual's head for a short period after it recovers. In this state, it will attack its partner Gougarf.
  • Lolo can snap Ray out of a KO by issuing a command.
  • HC Lolo Gougarf's roar requires HG Earplugs to block.

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