The "bed" is the place where you can save.
The "Ordering table" or "table" for short is the place where you order your
The "box is just like the one in the armory, you can store and take items out.
The names of the rooms are like chess peices and are unlock as you go higher
in Hunter Rank (HR)
Pawn Room: FREE all the time
You get this room right in the begining of your online play.

Description: Very small, bed to save on is on the right, bow is in the
top right cornor, and the Order table is down at the bottom.

Recomendation: This is for those with little money to spend and I rarely
ever use it.

Rook Room: 200z a night
This is unlocked by completeing the Urgent quest "Slay The Gypceros!"

Description: Medium Sized Room, bed is to the left, box is on the right,
Ordering Table is just north of the box.

Recomendation: This is also for low-imcome or just plain broke people.
I used this room for a while when i was a low HR.

Bishop Room: 500z a night
This is unlocked by completing the Urgent quest "SLay the Rathalos!"

Description: Large Room, bed is in the far back, there is a bear rug in
the middle of the room, to the left of the ENTRANCE/EXIT is the box,
slightly north of the box is the table.

Recomendation: THis is for Low or Medium Income Hunters I used this 
room quite a lot up until HR 13.

Queen Room: 1000z A night
This is unlocked by completing the Urgent quest "A Giant Dragon Attacks!"

Description: Very Large Room, bed is to the right side and slightly south
is the box, the table is out on the balcony where you can hear a faint
bell tower ringing.

Recomendation: Even though its not as expensive or as big as King, Queen
is always going to be my favorite. You will see why in the Food Combo list.
I usually eat the Megabagel and Sirloin Egg Because it gives a Def and Atk
King Room: 2000z A night
This is Unlocked by completing the Urgent quest "Basarios: Unseen Peril"

Description: Largest room, Bed is can't miss it, Box is 
to right side of room in a little room by itself, all the way north is
a bench you can aimlessly sit on, Table is to the right of Bench, there
is also a cat near box room that will give weapon combination information
or random information.

Recomendation: Good food combo's and is very expensive too for all low 
incomers so i wouldnt recomend this is the quest you do don't dive you 
more than 2000 in rewards
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