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Type Name Level Cost Days Description Spoils (Items Obtained)
Fishing Moga Coast 30p 1 A spot the villagers often visit. Common Moga fish can be found here. Shining Starfish, Pin Tuna, Sleepyfish, Sushifish, Whetfish, Popfish
Moga Shallows ★★ 80p 1.5 Valuable fish can be caught in this popular spot only a short trip away.

Shining Starfish, Armorfish Morsel, Sleepyfish, Burst Arowana, Bomb Arowana, Scatterfish, Pin Tuna

Moga Deep ★★★ 150p 2 A difficult spot to get to, but its unusual fish make the trip worth it. Shining Starfish, Armorfish Morsel, Mystic Narwhal, Glutton Tuna, Scatterfish, Small Goldenfish, Pin Tuna, Bomb Arowana
Legendary Tides ★★★★ 200p 3 A spot said to have once drawn a fisherman of legend. Fish paradise. Shining Starfish, Armorfish Morsel, Mystic Narwhal, Atlantis Crab,Scatterfish
Treasure Dark Waters 30p 1 A terrible place. Items can be salvaged from ships that ran aground here. Steel Egg, Broken Shell, Incomplete Crown
Moga Strait ★★ 80p 1.5 A strait with unique tides. Said to hide unusual treasures. Silver Egg, Broken Shell, Incomplete Crown, Crown's Gemstone, Airweed, Stone, Black Pearl, Steel Egg, Machalite Ore
Abyssal Volcano ★★★ 150p 2 Even veteran fishermen fear for their lives here. Riches abound Golden Egg, Broken Shell, Crown's Gemstone, Black Pearl
Pirate's Tomb ★★★★ 200p 3 A cursed place that drives men mad. Said to be brimming with treasure. Dragonite Ore, Pelagicite Ore, Sunspire Jewel, Armor Stone, Broken Shell, Black Pearl, Jumbo Pearl, Silver Egg, Golden Egg, Crown's Gemstone, Pirate Booty
Hunting Nearby Island 50p 1 An island near the village. Relatively easy-to-hunt monsters inhabit it. Hydro Hide, Monster Fluid, Raw Meat, Monster Bone M, Bomb Sac, Screamer, Immature Sponge, Blue Kelbi Horn, Altaroth Stomach
Distant Isle ★★ 100p 1.5 Dangerous monsters even veteran hunters are wary of live on this island. Gobul Hide, Dash Extract, Fertile Mud, Monster Bone L, Paralysis Sac, Spongy Hide, Gobul Spike, R. Ludroth Scale
No-Man's Land ★★★ 150p 2 Hunters speak of this mythic place in awe. Just arriving is a miracle. Lagiacrus Scale, Lagiacrus Hide, Flame Sac, Poison Sac, Sleep Sac, Monster Bone L, Pale Extract


Remarks Effects
(Region)? Weather's fair. Oughta be a good haul! Increased rewards.
(Region)? Storms are brewing. Feeling lucky? Small possibility of getting a reward from 1 level up.
(Region)? Good waves. Could be a nice catch! Possible increased rewards (?).
We made a few upgrades. Today we can journey somewhere new! Hunting Fleet's level increased by 1.
The seas are calm! This voyage might even end early. Voyage time decreased by 0.5 days.
Nice waves today. We could get a good catch almost anywhere! Possible increased rewards (?).
Not much to report, I'm afraid. None.
Feeling great today! We might be able to hunt some monsters. Unlocks the three hunting regions: Nearby Island, Distant Isle, No-Man's Land


Item Name Type Description
Fish-Orange Fish Finder Fishing Improves the Hunting Fleet's catch when Fishing; less effective otherwise.
Ticket-White Treasure Tracker Treasure Improves the Hunting Fleet's catch when seeking Treasures; less effective otherwise.
Traptool-Orange Spare Spear Hunting Improves the Hunting Fleet's catch when Hunting; less effective otherwise.
Bag-White Power Paddle Voyage An everyday Commodity. This Tackle shortens voyages by 1/2 day.
Bag-Green Perfect Paddle Voyage A quality Commodity. This Tackle shortens voyage by 1 day.

Ship Upgrade

Boat Level Upgrade Argosy Trade
Captain N/A N/A
★ ★ Captain Plus
★ ★ ★ Captain Max ★ ★
Redspear N/A N/A
★ ★ Redspear Plus ★ ★
★ ★ ★ Redspear Max ★ ★ ★
Blackspear N/A N/A
★ ★ Blackspear Plus ★ ★
★ ★ ★ Blackspear Max ★ ★ ★ ★


  • Legendary Tides, Pirate's Tomb and the three Hunting Grounds cannot be accessed for every fishing trip. Unless the boat offers the appropriate Remark these places are not available. See Remarks above.
  • In addition to requiring a three star boat the third Hunting Region, No Man's Land, has the additional requirement of completing the quests The Wrath of Rathalos and A Bard's Tale.
  • Unlike the Fishing and Treasure regions there is no fourth Hunting Region. One remark unlocks the 4-star Fishing and Treasure grounds, and another remark unlocks the three Hunting Grounds.
  • Using a tackle for the wrong region will result in the tackle having no effect.
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