Sharpness: See top bar for original sharpness level. The lower bar represents your weapon's sharpness in conjunction with the Handicraft skill, Sharpness +1
Awakening: Requires the Awaken armor skill to unlock. It gives any weapon without attribute an element or status effect. High Rank only.
Content: The weapon list you see here is complete. There are an equal amount of weapons between the Japanese and English version.

Great Sword
3rdGen-Great Sword Equipment Render 001
Sword & Shield
3rdGen-Sword and Shield Equipment Render 001
3rdGen-Hammer Equipment Render 001
3rdGen-Lance Equipment Render 001
Switch Axe
3rdGen-Switch Axe Equipment Render 001
Long Sword
3rdGen-Long Sword Equipment Render 001


The class of a Bowgun (Light/Medium/Heavy) is determined by the total weight of the combined parts:

Light = 29 or less

Medium = 31 ~ 70

Heavy = 71 or greater

3rdGen-Light Bowgun Equipment Render 001 3rdGen-Medium Bowgun Equipment Render 001
Stock Frame Barrel
MH3-GunStock MH3-GunFrame MH3-GunBarrel

Click here for information about bowgun ammo.


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