The Kokoto Farm

Pokke Farm Entered

The Kokoto Farm is a new addition to the Monster Hunter franchise where players can gather all sorts of materials that were formerly exclusive to the field (as in Quests). The farm is located in the west corner of Kokoto Village and features Mining Spots, Bug Catching Areas, a Fishing Pier, a Field where crops can be harvested, and much more.

Like in quests, there is a limit to how often you can gather at a gathering spot. With the exclusion of the Fishing Pier and the Mushroom Tree, a player can obtain 3-4 items per gathering spot in-between quests. Unlike in later installments, gathering quests will also refresh the resources that can be found in the farm.

As the player progresses through the game he or she will be able to buy renovations for the farm that will offer additional and better materials. This is done by unlocking renovations through urgents quests and then acquiring them via Kokoto Points.

Kokoto Points

Kokoto Points are points obtained by buying/selling materials within the village. The higher the value of the acquired/sold material(s), the more points you will receive. There are 3 ways to obtain them:

  1. Buy items from any of the merchants. The total amount of points will be the total cost of the bought goods divided by 10, so buying materials worth 1500z will get you 150pts,
  2. Selling items, monster materials included. Doing so will grant the full prize obtained in zenni converted into Kokoto Points. For example, if you sell a Silver Rathalos Wing, which is worth 10800z, you will not only receive the prize in money but also 10800pts for your farm.
  3. Buying/creating equipment at the Blacksmith. You will receive 1% of the equipment's worth in Kokoto Points. So buying a weapon that costs 100,000z will grant you 1000pts.

To fully upgrade the farm a player needs 121,500pts (Kokoto Points).


Village Entrance Farm Renovator

Renovations can be done by talking to the Merchant standing next to the entrance towards the Kokoto Farm. He will also explain what Kokoto Points are and how they are obtained/exchanged.

Below you see a list of all renovations possible in the game. The Unlocked By tells what quests need to be done (if applicable) as well as which renovation must be completed after in order for the unlocked renovation to become visible.

Kokoto Farm Renovations
Renovation Description Unlocked By Cost
ItemIcon052g Field Ridge +1 Field Ridge updated. Now you can gather even more plants. Default 1000pts
ItemIcon052d Field Ridge +2 Field Ridge updated. Gather more plants than ever before.

Field Ridge +1

ItemIcon016a Fishing Pier +1 Fishing Pier extended. The number of fish you can catch has been increased. Default 2500pts
ItemIcon016e Fishing Pier +2 Fishing Pier extended. Catch more fish than ever before! Fishing Pier +1,
Clear the 4* Village Rathalos Urgent Quest.
ItemIcon041 Casting Machine Fires off a net capable of catching many fish. Beware of the usage limits. Fishing Pier +2,
Beat the 6* Village Monoblos Urgent Quest.
ItemIcon003h Mining Point +1 Mining location added. More rare ores are available. Clear the 4* Village Rathalos Urgent. 8000pts
ItemIcon003g Mining Point +2 Mining location added. Mine more rare ores than ever before. Beat village Lao Shan Lung or obtain HR3. 15000pts
ItemIcon050c Mining Bomb Using bombs, you can do a ton of mining. Beware of the usage limits. Clear the 3* Village Cephadrome Urgen Questt. 30000pts
ItemIcon001 Insect Thicket +1 Strange thicket, with a smell loved by insects, added. Collect rare bugs! Clear the 3* Village Cephadrome Urgent Quest. 2000pts
ItemIcon001f Insect Thicket +2 Strange thicket, with a smell loved by insects, added. Collect rare bugs! Beat village Lao Shan Lung or obtain HR3. 15000pts
ItemIcon001i Bug Tree Shake a tree and gather the bugs! Beware of the usage limits! Clear the 5* Village Gravios Urgent. 7500pts
ItemIcon064d Mushroom Tree Plant a tree for mushrooms to grow upon. Default 1500pts
ItemIcon064e Mushroom Tree +1 Plant a tree for high quality mushrooms to grow upon. Default,
Mushroom Tree.
ItemIcon064g Mushroom Tree +2 Plant a tree for top quality mushrooms to grow upon. Top-class item. Mushroom Tree +1,
Clear the 3* Village Cephadrome Urgent.
ItemIcon054c Bee Hive Establish a Bee Hive and gather up the Honey! Beat the 6* Village Monoblos Urgent. 10000pts

Field Ridges

Field Ridges

The Field Ridges are located in the very center of the Kokoto Farm and is surrounded by a wooden fence with (up to) 3 field rows in it and a Felyne that is walking around the place.

You use the Field Rows by talking to the designated Felyne, who will ask the player which plantable item he or she wants to plant and if the player would like to use any fertilizers as well. After the deal has been made, the player has to clear 1 quest, regardless of type, to be able to harvest the crops.

Below you can find a list of plantable items, obtainable items and usable fertilizers.

Field Ridges
Plantable Items Obtainable Items Fertilizers
Herb Herb Dung
Antidote Herb Antidote Herb Wyvern Droppings
Sleep Herb Sleep Herb
Power Seed Power Seed
Armor Seed Armor Seed
Huskberry Huskberry
Needleberry Needleberry
Red Seed Red Seed
Green Seed Green Seed
Dragon Seed
Sap Plants
Cactus Flower

Each plantable item will often yield that same item in the "reward" screen, and occasionally one of the non-plantable but still listed items as well.

The Dosbiscus is the rarest item obtainable from the Field Ridges and can be obtained by planting Red and/or Green seeds.

Fishing Pier

The Fishing Pier is a place where the players can obtain numerous fishes without having to bring their own bait and is located at the south corner of the Farm. Simply run towards the fishing spot, throw out your rod, and hit the gathering button at the moment the fish pulls the bait entirely underwater.

Below you can see what each fishing spot has to offer:

Fishing Pier
Fishing Pier Fishing Pier +1 Fishing Pier +2
Pin Tuna Pin Tuna Bomb Arrowana
Rumblefish Rumblefish Burst Arrowana
Sushifish Sleepyfish Scatterfish
Sleepyfish Scatterfish

Small Goldenfish

Small Goldenfish Small Goldenfish Springnight Carp
Knife Mackerel Bomb Arrowana
Springnight Carp Burst Arrowana
Springnight Carp

Casting Machine

Casting Machine

The Casting Machine is located at the end of the Fishing Pier. It is basically a ballista-ish machine that shoots nets to capture fish. The player can use the Casting machine if he or she provides the felyne operator 3 nets (see combination list).

After providing the cat 3 nets, the player can mount the Casting Machine and shoot a large net at the group of fish swimming in the waters.

All of the abovementioned fish can be obtained when using this machine, as well as 2 additional items, those being:

  • GrnPlesiothSclPc
  • Plesioth Scale

After being used, the player must clear 1 quest and then provide the operator 3 nets once again to make use of the Casting Machine.

Mining Points

  • Mining Point 1 (default)
  • Mining Point 2 (+1)
  • The bridge between Mining Spot 2 & 3.
  • Mining Point 3 (+2)

The Mining Points can be found at the northern walls of the Kokoto Farm, where they appear as huge cracks in the wall. Players are able to gather ores 3-4x per mining spot once in-between quests.

Below you can see what each Mining Spot has to offer:

Mining Spots
Mining Spot Mining Spot +1 Mining Spot+2
Stone Earth Crystal Earth Crystal
Whetstone Ice Crystal Machalite Ore
Disk Stone Machalite Ore Dragonite Ore
Iron Ore Dragonite Ore

Carbalite Ore

Earth Crystal Lightcrystal Union Ore
Ice Crystal Union Ore Rainbow Ore
Machalite Ore Novacrystal Purecrystal

Bomb Mining

Bomb Mining

Bomb Mining can be done at the end of the wall where the first mining spot is found. When this renovation has been completed there will be 3 holes in the wall, a right, middle, and left one. Players can make use of this by giving the stationed Felyne any kind of bomb they have in their inventory.

The better the bomb, the better item the player will receive. The so called "bombs+" tend to give out rarer ores more often than their normal counterparts, although they are not necessary to obtain rare ores via Bomb Mining.

Bomb Mining offers all ores that can also be gotten from the Mining Points.

Bug Thicket Spots

Bug Thicket

The Bug Thicket gathering spots are located south of the Field Ridges and east of the Fishing Pier. At the Bug Thicket Spots, players are able to gather bugs outside of a quest for 3-4x per spot.

Below you can find a table showing what the basic and upgraded renovation spots all have to offer individually:

Bug Catching Spots
Insect Thicket Insect Thicket +1 Insect Thicket +2
Bitterbug Bitterbug Flashbug
Bughopper Bughopper Godbug
Cricket Firefly Hornetaur Shell
Firefly Flashbug Hornetaur Wing
Flashbug Godbug Joiner Grasshopper
Insect Husk Hornetaur Shell King Scarab
Spiderweb Hornetaur Wing Mega Fishing Fly
Worm Mega Fishing Fly Rainbow Insect
Yambug King Scarab Thunderbug
Spiderweb Vespoid Bladefin
Vespoid Shell Vespoid Shell
Vespoid Wing Vespoid Wing

Bug Tree

Bug Tree

The Bug Tree is located at the outer west corner of the Kokoto Farm, directly left of the Field Ridges and the Bee Hive. The Bug Tree offers everything that can also be gotten from the Insect Thicket gathering spots.

The player can make use of the Bug Tree by talking to the stationed Felyne, paying 300z and then smashing the tree with one of the 3 offered Hammers:

Available Hammers
White Cat Hammer Black Cat Hammer Gold Cat Hammer
Flashbug Bitterbug Armor Seed
Huskberry Mega Fishing Fly Bughopper
Power Seed Hornetaur Shell
Hornetaur Wing
Joiner Grasshopper
King Scarab
Mega Fishing Fly
Power Seed
Rainbow Insect
Vespoid Bladefin
Vespoid Shell

Once the player has chosen one of the 3 available Hammers, he or she must wait for the Hunter to charge it up and then hit the X button with or without proper timing. The closer the charge is to completion, the more and better bugs the player will receive. If the players time it perfectly, the Hunter will lift a leg up and smash the tree with tremendous force, causing a lot of bugs to fall and be ready for pickup.

To get this effect, the player must manage to hit the button at the exact moment between the 2nd "meow" in the "Meow-meow" and the moment the flash is at its biggest. If the player hits it too late the smash will horribly fail and result in either 1-2 items or none at all.

Mushroom Tree

Mushroom Tree

The Mushroom Tree is a pile of wood with mushrooms growing on them that is located at the Northern wall of the Kokoto Farm. Here, players are able to gather all kinds of Mushrooms without having to go to the field. Simply head towards the wooden stable and hit the gather button to collect the mushrooms.

Renovating the Mushroom tree will not only increase the amount of mushrooms you can collect, but it will also increase the number of times you can gather in-between quests.

Below you can see what each Mushroom Tree upgrade has to offer:

Mushroom Tree
Mushroom Tree Mushroom Tree +1 Mushroom Tree +2
Blue Mushroom Blue Mushroom Blue Mushroom
Stunshroom Nitroshroom Chaos Mushroom
Toadstool Stunshroom Dragon Toadstool
Toadstool Nitroshroom

Bee Hive

Bee Hive

The Bee Hive is located directly east from the Field Ridges. At the Bee Hive it is possible to gathering 3 items:

  • Honey
  • Snakebee Larva
  • Insect Husk

Walk towards the Bee Hive and hit the square button to "Collect Honey". You can averagely gather 4 times before it stops giving items.

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