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This is the Armor Skill Guide for Monster Hunter Freedom 2 and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. For Monster Hunter 3 Skill List, please see MH3: Armor Skill List.

Skills are special "Power Ups" and "Powers" that can be activated by Armor and/or Decorations. Armor sets come with their own negative skills and their own positive skills. Sometimes, some of the armor's skills need a little help being activated by decorations.

Skills are activated by how many "Points" you have. Example a "Defense Jewel" decoration gives you +1 Defense. A "Turtle Jewel" gives you +3 defense points and detracts 1 All Resist point, so it's -1 All Resist.

Usually armor sets will add up to activate the skills it gives, but this is not always the case.

This is how the points would add up:

Skill Points Activates
Defense +40 +20 +40 to Max Defense
Defense +30 +15 +30 to Max Defense
Defense +20 +10 +20 to Max Defense
Defense -20 -10 -20 to Max Defense
Defense -30 -15 -30 to Max Defense
Defense -40 -20 -40 to Max Defense

Also, decorations are put into armor and weapon Slots, each piece of armor has a certain number of slots 1-3. Usually stronger decorations will take 2-3 slots by themselves. Example a "Defense Jewel" gives you +1 Defense and takes up 1 slot, and a "Turtle Jewel" gives you +3 Defense and takes up 2 slots. To create decorations you need materials and money, prices can be 200z, 375z or 450z. Decorations can have up to 4 different types of materials.

1 slot needed= 0 2 slots needed= 00 3 slots needed= 000


  • Turtle Jewel / 375z / 00:

Defense +3, All Resist -1

Akito Jewel x1
Blk Gravios Shl x1
Hermitaur Claw x1

Information on certain skills have been separated to each respective groups. Click on one of the links below to get started.

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