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Village Chief's Glove: Proof of completing Village Beginner Quests. (Beat all 1-2 star Chief's Quests.)
Village Chief's Hat: Proof of completing Village Intermediate Quests. (Beat all 3-4 star Chief's Quests.)
Village Chief's Scarf: Proof of completing Village Hard Quests. (Beat all 5-6 star Chief's Quests.)

Village Chief's Coat: Proof of completing all Village Quests. (Self explanatory.)
Mane Necklace: Proof of slaying a Kirin. (Self explanatory.)
Blood Onyx: Proof of slaying an Akantor.(Self explanatory.)
King's Crown: Symbol of continued hunting success against giant monsters. (Get a gold crown for all large sized monsters.)
Miniature Crown: Symbol of continued hunting success against small beasts. (Get a gold crown for all small sized monsters.)

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Bronze Medal: Proof of mastering all Gathering Hall 1* and 2* Quests. (Self-explanatory.)
Silver Medal: Proof of mastering all Gathering Hall 3* to 5* Quests. (Self-explanatory.)
Gold Medal: Proof of mastering all Gathering Hall 6* to 8* Quests. (Self-explanatory.)
Black Belt Badge: Proof of passing all Battle Training at the Training School. (Self-explanatory.)
Expert Badge: Proof of passing all Special Training at the Training School. (Self-explanatory.)
Legend Badge: Proof of passing all Group Training at the Training School. Sign of true power. Note: Only requires each monster to be done once with a load out of your choosing, not all load outs for all monster. (Self-explanatory.)
Rare Species Report: Record of the incredibly powerful colored monsters. Confirms all rare breeds. (Hunt all subspecies monsters at least once, except the Fatalis species.)
Ecology Research Report: Report created from records of captured monsters. Proves successful captures. (Capture all boss monsters. Ecology Research Report: Capture list.)

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Azure Stone: Proof of Mining Area development. (Get your farms mining points maxed out.)
Great Hornfly: Proves development of insect gathering area. (Get your farms bug tree spots maxed out.)
Springnight Carp: Proves Fishing Pier development. (Get all 3 fishing pier points.)
Dosbiscus: Proof of Field development. (Get your fams fields maxed out.)
Grateful Letter: A Letter from a Felyne Chef saying, "Thanks, you are a great master, meow!" (Have all 5 felyne chefs reach lvl 9.)
Sage's Bracelet: Proof of combining proficiency. Feels like you can use anything, anytime. (Get all combos on the combo list.)
Wyverian Artisan's Hammer: Dirty, but divine smithing hammer of a famed Wyverian. A weapon collector's seal. (Get 4 fully upgraded weapons of each weapon type.)
Hunter's Progress: Proof of travel to most game areas. (Clear 20 quests in the beginner maps i.e. Jungle, Snowy Mountains, Desert, Volcano, Forest and Hills and the Tower)

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Nekoht's Whiskers: Proof of completing Nekoht 7★ Quests. Try it on, and become a majestic cat! (Self explanatory.)
Nekoht's Bell: Proof of completing Nekoht 8★ Quests. A mysterious-sounding, handcrafted bell. (Self explanatory.)
Nekoht's Coat: Proof of completing Nekoht 9★ Quests. A classy coat. Guild's crest in lining. (Self explanatory.)
Pokke Village Gourd: Proof of completing all Pokke Urgent Quests. Warm up with a single sip. (Self explanatory.)
Orichalcum: Proof of mastering all Gathering Hall G-Level 1★ Quests. Exemplary hunter. (Self explanatory.)
Platinum Shield: Proof of mastering all Gathering Hall G-Level 2★ Quests. Talk of the town. (Self explanatory.)
Gold Shield: Proof of mastering all Gathering Hall G-Level 3★ Quests. Renowned worldwide. (Self explanatory.)
Supreme Hunter's Crest: Cleared all of the Pokke and Gathering Quests. No one can even come close! (Self explanatory.)

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Igneous Ring: Proof of slaying a Fatalis. Beneath its breathtaking sparkle lurks calamity... (G rank - Self-explanatory.)
Ring of Fire: Proof of slaying a Red Fatalis. Its mighty flames brings destruction to all.(G rank - Self-explanatory.)
Powder-White Crown: Proof of slaying a White Fatalis. Its long, flowing white mane reveals its age.(G rank - Self-explanatory.)
Gold Snowshoes: Proof of successful Rajang hunt. Top-class snowshoes made of its golden hairs. (Hunt the Golden Rajang in the old Volcano.)
Ukanlos Bead: Proof of slaying a Ukanlos, it is said to allow its bearer into Heaven. (G rank - Self-explanatory.)
Epic Hunts Armband: Proof of tough struggles overcome and battles won during arduous Epic Hunts. (Clear all epic hunting quests.)
Warrior's Medal: Proof of passing all G-Lvl Training at the Training School. What Gusto! (Self-explanatory.)
Guardian's Award: Proof of devotion to the Town and Fortress, saving them from many a crisis. (Clear 20 quests in the Town and in the Fortress.)

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Flower Bouquet from the Guild: Earned an exorbitant number of Guild Points. A bouquet of Dosbiscus in full bloom. (Obtain 1 million guild points.)
Adventurer's Helm: Proof of collecting rare treasure. Present from Treshi. (Get a gold crown in all treasure quests and obtain all rare treasures.)
Trenya's Flag: Proof of funding Trenya on an incredible number of the most expensive adventures. (Send Trenya on 100 trips worth 1500 Pokke points.)
The Ultimate Catnip: Proof of Comrade gratitude for unlocking all Comrade Skills for one of your own. (Get all skills for one of your Felyne Comrades.)
Letter to my Fearless Leader: A letter from a Felyne Comrade saying, "Happy to be your partner, meow!" (Have a fondness level of 5 hearts for at least 5 of your Felyne Comrades.)
Member's Card: Proof of creating numerous numbers of Special weapons. Equipment shop's VIP card. (Obtain 50 G-lvl weapons. These weapons are only purchasable after you defeat your first Ukanlos. Duplicates are not counted.)
Wyverian Artisan's Mitten: Proof of a collector of armor. Mitt of a highly prolific armor artisan. (Get 5 sets of rarity 9 or 10 armor.)
Hunter's Miracle: Map recording your hunting trek. Proof of travel to all game areas. (Clear 20 quests in the high rank maps like Old Desert, Old Jungle, Old Swamp and Old Volcano.)

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