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Skill Name Description
Felyne Aim Increases the damage of Bowgun's NormS and Bow's lvl 1 charge by x1.1.
Felyne Ballooner 100% chance the hot air balloon will appear on the quest and in every outside area.
Felyne Blunt Force Bowgun melee damage increases dramatically.
Felyne Bonus Skills Felyne Kitchen food bonuses apply even after falling unconscious.
Felyne Charisma Allows the maximum trade with the Veggie Elder (6 times).
Felyne Combine Increases the percentage of the combination success rate.
Felyne Constructor The large grey boulders that sometime block an entrance can be destroyed much easier.
Felyne Courage Prevents the Hunter from flinching (or shock) when spotted by Boss Monster.
Felyne Culinary Arts Allows BBQ Spit to become a Gourmet Spit.
Felyne Defense Provides a chance to decrease the damage the Hunter would receive.
Felyne Dismantle Increases the chance to have an extra carve.
Felyne Escape Stamina decrease rate is lessened when the Hunter is running from a boss monster.
Felyne Exchanger Pokke Points obtained after quest increases by x1.15.
Felyne Explorer 100% chance spawning in secret area if possible; only works in High or G-Lvl Quests.
Felyne Fear Factor The skill allows the Boss Monster to become size 11 or less.
Felyne Fighter Damage increases on the Taunt gesture.
Felyne Frugality The chance of a Pickaxe or Bugnet breaking decreases.
Felyne Gastronomy Potential chance to increase Stamina by 25 pts when a Fish Steak is consumed.
Felyne Gathering Increases the chance to gather more times from a gathering point.
Felyne Great Break Decrease sharpness reduction by half when the weapon bounces.
Felyne Gunpowder All bombs are improved into their '+' form. Bombs that are affected include Sm Barrel Bomb, Lg Barrel Bomb, and Bounce Bomb.
Felyne Heroics Attack Power increases by x1.5 and defense by 60 and x1.5; Total Health must be below 10.
Felyne Kickboxer The Attack Power of kick and taunt punch increases dramatically.
Felyne Martial Arts Stamina usage for maneuver decreases. This includes dodge rolls, back hops, and blocking.
Felyne Medicine Healing item effectiveness increases by x1.1. This includes Herbs, Potions, Mega Potions, Lifepowder, and First Aid Potions. Antidote herb becomes 100%.
Felyne Mega Lucky Cat Increases the potential chance for more Normal Rewards significantly.
Felyne Negotiation Increases the chance to obtain rare items from the Veggie Elder. Increases the chance to obtain stolen items at the Melynx Den.
Felyne Resilience Increases invulnerability when the Hunter rises from the ground.
Felyne Scavenger Can get a stamina increase from healing items.
Felyne Special Attack Ailment status increases by x1.125. (Poison, Paralysis, Sleep)
Felyne Strongcat Prevents the Hunter from dropping the large object (egg) from weak attacks.

Felyne Supercarver

The Hunter is not interrupted by minor attacks during carving.
Felyne Supercat Stamina decreases x0.5 when carrying an large object in hand (egg).
Felyne Temper Increases Bow and Bowgun damage; range distance decreases and deviation of shells increases.
Felyne Throw Throwing distance increases for items such as paintballs. Throwing knife and stone damage increased by x2.
Felyne Ultra Lucky Cat Increases the potential chance for more Normal Rewards.
Felyne Vine Climber Reduces stamina reduction by half when climbing vines.
Felyne Vine Master Prevents the Hunter from falling against weak attack while climbing vines.
Felyne Woodwinds Gives a 25% chance to prevent flute breaking.


Skill Name Description
Felyne Heroics¹ Attack increases by x1.35 and defense by x1.5 when health is below 10hp.
Felyne Landing Allows jumping from any heights with heavy objects in hands (eggs, stones) without breaking them.
Felyne KO KO damage of the weapons increases. Headshot with Crag S can now also stun.
Felyne Dance² Gives attack boost similar to Power Pill when dance gesture is used. (+25 raw for 20 sec).
Felyne Bulldozer Gives ESP like effect on melee weapons.
Felyne Scavenger Guarantees getting a shiny from a monster on the first try.
Felyne Bonus Skills Kitchen skills continue to be effective after hunter falls in battle.
Crazy Lucky Cat Increases quests reward money x2.

¹ - Does not stack with attack boost from Adrenaline+2 skill.
² - Does not stack with attack boosts from Power Pills or Power Seeds.

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