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Low Rank High Rank G-Level
Blademaster Blademaster Blademaster
Gunner Gunner Gunner

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User Contribution
Artemis_Paradox Created the majority of the tables and provided the info for most armors.
Bobofango Started the page, developed the table and provided some armor images.
GeneStarwind Provided the majority of the armor images and created 1/3 of the tables.

Rarity 9

Kut-Ku X Armor

Conga X Armor

Gypceros X Armor

Khezu X Armor

Hermitaur X Armor

Hypno X Armor

Basarios X Armor

Plesioth X Armor

Monoblos X Armor

Garuga X Armor

Blango X Armor

Ceanataur X Armor

Rathian X Armor

Narga X Armor

Lava X Armor

Tigrex X Armor

Rathalos X Armor

Diablo X Armor

Gravios X Armor

Kut-Ku Z Armor

Conga Z Armor

Gypceros Z Armor

Khezu Z Armor

Hermitaur Z Armor

Plesioth Z Armor

Blango Z Armor

Ceanataur Z Armor

Diablo Z Armor

Gravios Z Armor

Rarity 10

Chakra Armor

Famitsu T-Shirt X

Hunting Soul T-Shirt X

Hunter T-Shirt X

Puppet Master Shin

Black Belt X Armor

Obituary/Butterfly X Armor

Extravagant Shin Armor

Kushala X Armor

Kirin X Armor

Empress X Armor

Steadfast Shin Armor

Kaiser X Armor

Carnage Shin Armor

Dragon X Armor

Dark Ukanlos Armor

Melahoa Z Armor

Makluva Z Armor

Rathian Heart Z Armor

Rathalos Soul Z Armor

Golden Moon Z Armor

Silver Sol Z Armor

Genenis/Glyph Goku Armor

Fatalis Z Armor

White Fatalis Z Armor